Organic Toys For Health Benefits Of Children

There is a strong Organic movement going on in world right now. People are taking steps to free themselves from materials like plastics, pesticides and any kind of substance that contains harmful chemical compounds. What we don’t notice is that toys that give to our children are massively made of plastic or its derivatives. You must be thinking why organic toys and why do we need them. Our children don’t eat toys so definitely its not something to be bothered with. Another reason for which they never came to your mind is that they are not readily available in the market. Unlike organic food there is a very small availability of toys that are free from plastic.

What Counts As An Organic Toy?

The toys that are made of natural materials like wood, paper, clothes, natural fiber and wool are considered to be organic toys. They are free from plastic and its derivatives. They are also free from harmful chemicals that can affect health and growth of your child.

Organic Toys

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Why Organic Toys?

UN Environment Programme has published a report that has showed that chemical additives are used to add specific level of elasticity and hardness to plastic toys. The additives contain softeners or plasticizers, surface active substances, colorants, flame retardants, stabilizers and fragrances. There are more than 400 chemicals used in the toys across the world out of which 126 are harmful for health. We all know that plastic and its derivatives are carcinogenic and it can also retard growth rate in children. Organic toys does not have any such chemicals then why not to make a conscious choice.

Where To Buy Them?

I don’t know whether you have realized by now but India’s craft is full of organic toys, each state having its own specialty. India is one of the biggest organic toys exporters and it is not difficult to find toys made of natural materials in India. You just need to go to handicraft stores, melas, haats and tourist places and you will find them very easily. However, I will suggest that whenever you go to a city that makes toys just look for small shops. They will give you better deal and you will support a small business.

Few Popular Organic Toys Of India

  • Paper Machie Toys of J&K
  • Wooden Toys of Uttarakhand
  • Folk Toys of Punjab
  • Lacquer Toys of Haryana
  • Doodhia Toys of Rajasthan
  • Miniature Utensils and Wooden Toys of UP
  • Terracotta Toys of Gujarat
  • Betel Nut Toys of MP
  • Kondapalli Toys of Andhra Pradesh
  • Channapatna Toys of Karnataka
  • Thanjavur Dancing Dolls of TN

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