Pakistan vs Afghanistan: Chair Fight Between Fans After Match, Watch

Pakistan vs Afghanistan: Chair Fight Between Fans After Match, Watch

In Asia Cup 2022, Pakistan vs Afghanistan, a compelling match was witnessed by the fans of both teams, on Wednesday. The winning moment for Pakistan was recorded when they hit two consecutive sixes in a row. But after the defeat, Afghanistan fans were very furious and they pulled out stadium chairs and threw them at the Pakistani fans. Their video has also gone viral.

Pakistan vs Afghanistan Fan Fight 2022

Pakistan Vs Afghanistan Asia Cup 2022

Wednesday’s match was the turning point for Asia Cup 2022, with the victory of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan both now out of the tournament. The final battle will be fought between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, frustration and anger can be witnessed among the fans of the losing side.

Ruckus After Match

As per the reports, after the victory, first Pakistani fans created a mess outside the stadium and attacked Afghanistan fans. Later when the afghan fans got angry they beat up Pakistani fans by pulling out and throwing stadium chairs at them. Both sides got involved in a chair fight and Pakistan fans vs Afghanistan fans begins.

“In Shahjah’s stadium itself, the Afghan fans started breaking and uprooting the chairs. He uprooted the chairs and threw them at the happy Pakistani fans. The whole matter was caught on camera. Its video is also becoming quite viral on social media,” mentioned Aaj Tak.

Here’s the video in which attackers and ones who are getting beaten up are visible:

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