Protect Your WhatsApp Web Account With The Best Safety Tips

WhatsApp has more than 487 million users in India. WhatsApp has been in the news for the past few days for its privacy concerns after the government asked them to ensure the proper security and safety of WhatsApp users. Many WhatsApp users reported that they are receiving calls and messages from unknown overseas numbers. And these calls include both audio and video calls.

The Union Minister for Communications, Electronics & IT, and Railways, Ashwini Vaishnaw has launched Sanchar Saathi for the people of our country. This Sanchar Saathi portal aims to offer many services related to telecom and mobile communications. With the launch of this new portal, Ashwini Vaishnaw added that the platform has already banned more than 36 Lakhs of phone numbers as a result of fraud and spam numbers.

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With every new fraud and spam going on nowadays, WhatsApp Company has introduced “Stay Safe With WhatsApp” to help people get educated and protect themselves and also their WhatsApp data and accounts on the network. They also recommended that users stay up to date with all the recent updates and various privacy concerns. 

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Tips And Methods To Stay Safe From Scammers On WhatsApp

Below mentioned are some of the tips and methods to help you protect your privacy and stay safe from various scams and frauds.

  • Keep An Eye On Your Linked Devices

The users are advised to keep regular checks on the linked WhatsApp devices and if by any chance any user found any unexpected, suspicious, or unfamiliar devices then they should immediately log out from that device. 

  • Use Safety Features Actively

There are many security features available on WhatsApp that can help you to protect yourself from scams and fraud. WhatsApp’s “Account Protect Function” can help you get notified about all the unauthorized attempts that are being made to access your account. The automatically generated security codes can help you guarantee the security of your account.

  • Monitor Group Privacy Settings

Users now have the ability to restrict the group invitation system in order to keep a check on who can add you to the groups. This feature is designed to provide the best privacy and security to WhatsApp users. WhatsApp users also have the ability to leave the group they were added to without any information without notifying other group members. 

  • Two-Step Authentication

The two-step authentication provides an extra layer of security and privacy by creating a security pin for their WhatsApp account. The six-digit authentication pin needs to be kept private in order to protect yourself from any fraud and theft.

  • Privacy Settings

There are many privacy settings available on WhatsApp such as who can see the profile picture, status, last seen, online status, and the About section. WhatsApp users can restrict the security of their accounts using these simple and secure privacy settings. 

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