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Punishment For Violating Quarantine And Self-Isolation Rules In Different Countries

As the world fights that wrath of coronavirus with lockdown and stringent rules, some people are still not adhering to the rules laid down for their own good. These people who seem to be constantly breaking quarantine rules are not only risking their lives but also the lives of people in their vicinity.

Thus, to keep them in check, governments from across the countries have come up with strict rules to ensure violators have to pay if they don’t adhere to self-isolation and quarantine laws. Have a look:

1. Australia

In Australia, anyone caught violating self-isolation rules is being fined big. An individual caught breaking the rules has to pay a maximum penalty of $8000, while for corporations, it’s $40,500. For a utility company, the fine can go up to a whopping $1,620,000.

Source – Al Jazeera

2. Italy

Italy, which has seen the most coronavirus deaths until now, has also forged strict rules for anyone who breaks self-isolation. In Italy, if anyone is found roaming around, amidst lockdown, without a good reason they have to face three months in custody or a fine of up to 206 euros (£181). Anyone who is found to show symptoms of coronavirus and disagrees to self-isolate can be jailed for 21 years.

italy lockdown
Source – Daily mail

3. Spain

Spain in one country that has seen a sudden boom in the coronavirus cases in the last few days. Thus the authorities have forged strict rules to control people’s movement. Anyone found breaching the national laws can be fined between $658 to $33,000 or up to four years in jail.

4. Norway

In Norway, anyone who is found breaking isolation rules could be fined up to $2,000 or jailed for 15 days, according to Forbes.

coronavirus China
Source – The Guardian

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5. South Korea

South Korea was the second-worst affected country by the coronavirus outbreak for quite some time. Thus it has also laid stringent punishment for anyone who breaks quarantine rules. Any foreigner found to be violating the rules can be expelled form the country.

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And local violators will not receive a leave subsidy totaling 1.23 million won (US$1,000) in the case of a four-member household. South Korean laws now also allow the government to prosecute anyone who refuses to get tested.

Source – Al Jazeera

6. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has introduced a fine of whopping $133,000 for anyone who gives the wrong health information when arriving in the country. Moreover, if anyone violates the quarantine in the country, they will have to pay 50,000 Arab Emirates Dirham.

Source – Middle East Eye

7. Singapore

Anyone who doesn’t follow self-isolation and stay home in Singapore can expect a fine of up to $10,000 or up to six months in prison. The strict implication of the rules is the only reason why it has been able to curb the spread of the virus.

Source – CNBC

8. Russia

In Russia, as per a new legislation, one will have to pay somewhere between $500,000 rubles (USD 6,400) and two million rubles (USD 25,700) if caught violating a quarantine. The punishment adds up to 5-7 years in prison if the quarantine dodger is found responsible for anyone’s death.

9. India

In India, anyone who breaks the laws surrounding quarantine and self-isolation will be charged Rs. 1,000 as fine and six months in jail or both.

delhi lockdown coronavirus- anata curfew-kejriwal
Source – Hindustan Times

10. Canada

Maximum penalties in Canada can go up to $750,000 and six months in jail. If a gathering of more than 5 is noted, gatherers will have to pay $1,000 as fine. A person who causes a risk of death or serious bodily harm by violating quarantine rules will face fines of up to $1-million, imprisonment of up to three years, or both, according to the government.

Source – Al Jazeera

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