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River of sorrow: The Mystery Of Bodies Floating In Indian Rivers

As per India Today reporter, he took a boat and traveled from Ghazipur to Buxar in order to find out whether people living around the river are dumping the bodies of their loved ones or bodies floating in Indian rivers. From all these, the question that hits our mind is, who are these people? Why were they dumped?

Source Barak Bulletin

He also said that three bodies were pulled out from the river. The people, who taken out the bodies were neither wearing protective gear nor PPE kits.

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See What Local People Says

A local standing near to river bank said: “If you closely notice, the river changes direction right in front of the bank and all the bodies flow towards this direction.” Whereas another local said that these bodies come floating from other places. The people of the villages are misled and it is not sending the right message.”


BJP MLA Sunita Singh said, “The bodies washing ashore is a natural phenomenon.” After asking where the bodies were coming from, Sunita Singh said, “That’s not important. We have got to know that people are dumping bodies from Prayagraj, which is why they are floating down the stream. The bodies are following in the direction of the wind.”

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