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Only 1 Out Of The 5 Worst Corona-Affected States In India Is Ruled By BJP, So Why Blame Only Modi Govt. For #lockdownfailed?

Education has forever been the backbone of an organized and intellect perosn but when it comes to politics, even an educated thinks from the hatred he/she has for a particular party. And guess what, these are the same people who want an ‘educated politician’.

Recently, a hashtag began trending on Twitter that goes #lockdownfailed. The same was fueled by ‘interviewer’ Rahul Gandhi’s tweet that compared India’s lockdown with other countries’ lockdown.

Surely, if those stats are authentic, it is sad news for India that lockdown has not worked well for India. The only good it might have done is to teach us to how to work from home and maintain social distancing.

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Keeping the lessons from the lockdown aside, as the #lockdownfailed began trending on twitter, people came forward to lash on the Modi government in the Centre for its failed attempt to curb coronavirus spread.

However, the sad part is educated acting like uneducated just for the sake of quenching their thirst to spew hatred for a government. With almost 10,000 cases being reported each day, if politics is what to be done, then people must understand that it is only right to blame the GOVERNMENTS and not just a GOVERNMENT for lockdown failure.

Currently, as per the stats by NDTV, the worst five states affected by coronavirus are Maharatsra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Gujarat and Rajasthan. These five states contribute to at least 5,500 cases on a daily basis out of the 10,000 being reported. And only Gujarat among the five is ruled by BJP
lockdown failed
Source NDTV

And the thing Gandhi won’t talk about is the fact that Maharashtra, where he runs a coalition party is the worst affected and adds at least 3,000 cases to the tally every single day. Interestingly, Maharastra’s graph has only shown an upward trend and is something similar to India’s overall graph.

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So now blaming only the Modi government despite being the educated self? Well, some people might want to think their education for a moment and stop misleading people against a government.

If lockdown has failed in the country, it not just because of BJP it’s because of every single party in power. Including parties like Congress and Shiv Sena who can’t stop migrants workers from gathering at various spots in the state again and again in large numbers.

lockdown failed

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And if Gandhi needs to be told what he must be doing right now, then he might want to understand a tweet by Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper editor, Fahd Hussain, wherein he has praised the Yogi government in UP for handling coronavirus.

He has also criticised Pakistan and Maharastra for mishandling the pandemic.

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