Rockets Hit Near U.S. Embassy In Iraq

The tensions between U.S-Iran doesn’t seem to be settling anytime soon. After the killing of Irani Military general by the U.S. in Iraq the two countries are almost on verge of a full-scale war.


As per the latest updates, 2 rockets hit near the U.S. embassy in the capital city of Iraq Baghdad. Inputs from the security forces have revealed that the rockets hit near the US embassy in the Iraqi capital’s high-security Green Zone.

Source: Al Jazeera

The sirens were heard across the Green Zone as the rockets made an impact on the ground. No immediate reports of causalities surfaced in the attacks. The source of attack is not known but the U.S. has been blaming it on Iran.

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The U.S blamed Iran-backed paramilitary groups for a spate of similar attacks in recent months before the tensions got escalated to present-day level. However, none of the times Iran took responsibility for it.

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