Running A Small Business? Know What Amazon Business Can Bring

Pandemic gave birth to many small businesses as jobs were lost and people were facing one of the biggest struggle of the decade. People started small and medium enterprise businesses and were selling their products through social media platforms. Home d├ęcor, fashion accessories, food were some among the most common businesses we saw emerging. Many of these businesses took Amazon Business into account to save themselves from complexities of sourcing materials.

Amazon Business offers you wholesale prices, bulk discounts, GST Invoice, fast delivery and a vast selection of products. It is an e-marketplace where buyers and sellers are at a playing field and there is a transparency in system that Amazon has cautiously built over years. You get access to wide range of options while making purchases for your business and Amazon Business is different from Amazon.

How Amazon Business Is Any Different From Amazon?

Bulk discounts and GST Invoice provided to businesses is not the only benefits when you take your company to Amazon Business. Although bulk discounts is an exclusive feature available only to business accounts. Apart from that you as an administrator of the business get tools through which you can monitor your business spending. These tools comes with features like multi user accounts, spend analytics and approval workflows.

Apart from that for every purchase you make you will get GST Invoice which will help you to claim GST Input Tax Credit. With that you can save as much as 28% depending upon the items you are purchasing.

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How Amazon Business Works?

On marketplace lakhs of products are listed and you get option to make purchases for your business at wholesale prices. You can buy products from a seller sitting in Tamil Nadu and get the commodity delivered to you in Assam. The geographical boundaries get ruptured and you get best prices in the market. You can check best prices of products here.

A business can compare prices of multiple sellers at a time and you also get multiple shipping options as per your needs. You can view ratings and reviews of each seller and make your own informed decision. It breaks the problem of going into multiple shops for a competitive pricing. Sometimes people even travel to different cities and markets to get cheaper prices. Amazon solves this problem with a single click. As of 2020, there were 16 crore products listed on Amazon Business and over 3.7 lakh sellers.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multi user accounts and approval workflow. This means that you can give someone buying rights without sharing login credentials.
  • Bulk discounts and business exclusive deals.
  • Spending analytics and other reports.
  • GST Invoice to claim Input Tax Credit up to 28%
  • Fast deliveries (free 1 day, 2 day deliveries)

To know more about opening free account, you can tap here.

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