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Watch: Scientist Eats Infront Of Astrologer On Live TV After Astrologer Says We Shouldn’t Eat During Eclipse

Astrology and science are two sperate arts with their own set of beliefs and facts. And honestly, one must respect either (until it’s not asking you to believe all the foolish things in life).

However, there has always been a never-ending contest between astrology and science as people, especially scientist-people, don’t heed attention to astrology as they claim it to be fact-less.

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Continuing the everlasting tiff, recently a scientist, who was on live TV discussing the June 21 solar eclipse, ate in front of the astrologer who can be heard saying that one should not consume food during the solar eclipse.

Scientist eats food on live TV after astrologer says that food should be avoided because of the solar eclipse. from r/india

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A video of the mere act of trolling has gone viral and was shared at different platforms.

Fellow redditions on the block also joined in to share their experiences about astrology and Solar Eclipse.

One user wrote, “I think 12-15 years back Star news used to run a debate during these eclipses between rationalists on one side and these astrologers and psychics on other . One of the pandits argued that the concept of Aura is scientifically proven and it tells us about a man future, to which the rationalist replied that ‘ Abey aura toh ek stone ka bhi hota hai, ab batao patthar ka bhavishya kya hoga.”

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What do you have to say about the same?

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