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Shramik Special Trains: No Food, No Water, 30 Hours Plus Delays, Deaths On Board As No Respite For Migrant Workers

The train might be named ‘Shramik Special’ in order to ferry migrant workers home but let alone special there are no ordinary amenities. The workers on the trains are facing the worse of the situation. No food, no water, fights on station for the packages of foods. Add to that 30 plus hours delay in reaching the destinations.

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This is what the so-called ‘special’ in the Shramik Special trains. While the NRIs who can manage to pay are flying in with top-class facilities migrants with less financial abilities are offered this 3rd class treatment. In a train running from Mumbai to Bihar (Katihar) Sayan Kumar Singh died on board.

The 58 years old died as he did not have water to take his medicine. The passenger on the train were served dry bhel as a food and water was not there. The journey which usually takes 36 hours was still not into it;s half way mark after 40 odd hours said Mohammad Kalimullah who was on board. The trains are changing routes as per their wish leaving the migrants on board surprised.

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The trains are standing for hours on the same spot and are not moving. The passengers are served food and water once in 20 to 30 hours. When they find food the packages are thrown at them on the railway station. The videos of the fight for and waters on platforms substantiates that. Another worker Jokhan Yadav who boarded the shramik special from Mumbai to travel home to Machhlishahar in Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh died on board.

As per Raveesh Yadav his 46 years old uncle died as no food and water was served. Raveesh said that though we had money with us there was nobody selling food and water inside and on platforms. In another incident a 10-month-old baby died on the train. Railway failed to provide a doctor on time as the baby had high fever and breathing difficulties. As per reports by The Quint, doctors had been shifted to work at the hospitals focussing on COVID-19 patients.

In another passenger on board of train from Bengaluru had to wait for 30 hours to taste the food. Such is the plight and sufferings that the migrants are facing. Social distancing has also bee on toss as migrants are cramped up inside the coaches. Many sleeping near the toilets of the trains. While the Railway Minister is busy in a verbal tussle with the Maharashtra CM we hope he gets time to look into these massive irregularities.

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