55 Most Strongest Dragon Ball Characters Ranked

Welcome Dragon Ball Fans, Here’s the updated list of ranked most strongest dragon ball characters of all time.

There is not a single soul on Earth who is an anime fan and still has not watched Dragon Ball. The series has hundreds of episodes, the best Worldbuilding, epic villains and strongest characters. Today, we are going to explore the range of strongest dragon ball characters that this anime universe has. There are a variety of different level characters: ultra-powerful destruction Gods, Saiyans, legendary monsters, etc., which makes it so interesting to watch all the way from episode 1st to 1000th and even more are there.

Dragon Ball is one of the few anime creations that has entertained the audience and remained popular for almost four decades. There are only a few select anime that come close to Dragon Ball. Well, all the credit goes to the epic characters this series has created with time. For instance, Goku has literally carried this series on its back from the year 1989 to the present, 2023.


Let’s rank some of the strongest Dragon Ball Characters in this blog:

55. Mr. Satan (Fake Saiyan)

Mr. Satan - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Mr Satan is the not one of the most strongest characters, instead he is among the most hilarious characters of Dragon Ball Z. He is the strongest among humans but weakest when it comes to fighting DBZ characters. After Krillin, he is the most strongest human DBZ character in the whole universe, as a martial art master. For humans in DBZ, he is the GOD who defeated the infamous Cell, one of the most fierce villains of DBZ. 

54. Krillin (Strongest Human In DBZ)

Krillin - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Krillin is the most OP human character in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. He is the strongest human alive in DB who has fought the most formidable opponents and managed to defeat many. Krillin showed, in the tournament of power, that he still got the edge. However, this character needs an upgrade and the fans will love to see him at the front again. 

53. Tien (Respected Fighter)

Tien - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Tien is also one of the original and most strongest characters of Dragon ball series, Goku once struggled against him to win a tournament. But as the series progressed Goku became crazily stronger. Tien is the man who earned respect among the fans for a few of the most OP performances he displayed in the Cell Saga and Buu Saga when he suppressed the strongest Cell for a few moments and picked up an epic entrance to save his friends from Buu. 

52. Recoome (Nasty Villain)

Recoome - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Recoome was a nasty villain, a member of the Ginyu Force and a troublemaker for Goku’s team in Frieza Saga. Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan, three of them struggled a lot to take him down but were defeated. Lastly, Goku was the one who blasted him. 

51. Nail (Strongest Namekian Who Challenged Frieza) 

Nail - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Nail was among the most strongest Namekians during the Frieza Saga after Piccolo, who displayed such courage and challenged Frieza to a one-on-one duel. He was a character who got screen time even after his death by fusing with Piccolo. 

50. Master Roshi (One of The DBZ Legends)

Master Roshi - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

One of the most legendary and strongest characters of Dragon Ball, Dragon Z, Dragon Ball Super, an OP martial artist, a grand master and a pervert is Master Roshi. He trained Goku and Krillin since they were 5 years old. He’s getting old with every season but still got the edge to fight the most strongest character of DB. In Dragon Ball Super, Power of Tournament he fought multiple OP characters to defeat them and got praised by Lord Beerus himself, the God of the destruction of Universe 7. 

49. Guldo (Ginyu Force)

Guldo - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Guldo was a strongest alien shown in Frieza Saga, a member of the Ginyu Force, and a strongest telekinesis who stops time for a few seconds. He was put to rest by Goku, in fact, all the members of the Ginyu Force were destroyed by Goku in one or two blows. 

48. Zarbon (Top Rank Frieza General)

Zarbon - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Zarbon was one of the most strongest top-ranking members of the Frieza Force. The fight, Zarbon vs Frieza, was one of the most epic in all of Frieza Saga. This fighter was blasted away by Vegeta after he punched a hole in the body. 

47. Captain Ginyu (Evil Leader)

Captain Ginyu - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Captain Ginyu, as the name suggests, is the leader of the Ginyu Force that worked for Frieza. Each fighter was strong and had its unique ability to take down the opponents. But Captain Ginyu himself was evil but highly strongest. Goku fought and defeated him but he struggled so much because Ginyu can switch bodies with anyone he targets. He took over Goku’s body and used it to fight him. But Goku defeated him after tricking him into switching his body with a frog on planet ‘Namek’. 

46. Goten (Goku’s Son) 

Goten - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Goten is indeed a strongest kid, after all, he is saiyan. But he is still inexperienced and cannot defeat the evil villains with a mean mentality. 

45. Frost (Frieza’s Doppelganger) 

Frost - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Frost is Frieza’s counterpart from Universe 6, he is placed at 44 because his powers are still equal to the power level that Frieza possesses on planet Namek while fighting Goku. He is yet to figure out how to achieve the Golden form. Last seen In the tournament of power, he was tricked and got thrown out off the stage by Frieza. Lastly, Zeno, himself deleted his existence when he tried to enter the ring after his defeat. 

44. Android 19 (Fat Android)

Android 19 - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Android 19 was created by Doctor Gero, but he was one of the least strongest of them all. Vegeta was the one who destroyed it into pieces after a brutal fight. It was a piece of cake for Vegeta. 

43. Doctor Gero (Evil Androids Creator)

Doctor Gero - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Doctor Gero was the mastermind behind creating all the deadly androids that Goku and his team fought in Dragon Ball Z. He himself turned into an android named Android 20. But got betrayed by his own creation, Android 17 and Android 18, who killed him without mercy. 

42. Android 16 (Good Android)

Android 16 - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Android 16 was the wisest of all androids that Dr Gero created. He himself was not evil but was created by an evil scientist. At last, he fought Cell to save everyone and even decided to sacrifice himself to defeat him. 

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41. Botamo (Killer Teddy)

Botamo - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Botamo is among the best warriors of Universe 6, he is a large-sized humanoid, structured as a yellow teddy. His bouncing huge body is his most strongest weapon. This warrior uses it to body slam his opponents and absorb their strongest attacks. Botamo has fought the father and son duo- Goku and Gohan, in separate battles. They both managed to defeat Botamo but struggled very much and this speaks for his power levels. 

40. Auta Magetta (Robo Warrior of Universe 6)

Auta Magetta - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Another warrior from Universe 6, is a Metalman named Auta Magetta. He is one of the toughest warriors Champa’s Universe has. Saiyan Prince himself had to defeat him in a friendly tournament, between Universe 7 and Universe 6. Vegeta won by a strange technique which required them to embarrass Auta by saying mean words because it hurt him. Finally, a ring out allowed Vegeta to be a winner. 

39. Ribrianne (Love Maiden of Universe 2)

Ribrianne - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Ribrianne is a warrior maiden from Universe 2, they basically fight with and for love. In the tournament of power, she showed her tremendous powers, which even allowed her to spar with Goku head-to-head. Despite having a huge oval-shaped body (post-transformation) she can fly and use long and short-range attacks precisely. She was kicked out of the tournament by Android 18, with slight help from Android 17.

38. Cabba (Vegeta’s Disciple) 

Cabba - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

After fighting each other in a friendly tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7, Vegeta and Cabba developed a student-teacher relationship. Cabba is a talented Saiyan from Universe 6, who is strong enough that he learnt to become a super Saiyan during a battle with Vegeta. 

37. Android 18 (An Android Who Become Friendly)

Android 18 - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Android 18 in the cell saga was one of the evil androids created by Doc Gero for destruction, but as the series moved forward she became friendly to Goku’s team and ended up being Krillin’s wife. As for her rank, the most recent fight with Ribrianne in Tournament of Power gives her the credit. She takes Ribrianne down at her full power with a little bit of help from Android 17. 

36. King Cold (Didn’t Get The Chance To Transform Like Frieza)

King Cold - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

We will explain King Cold’s 39th rank, he is the father of Frieza, and Frieza had three different transformations that boosted his power levels drastically. So, when Trunks killed King Cold after Frieza, he was in his base form and could be much stronger if he had the chance to transform. 

35. Cell (Most Powerful Android)

Cell - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

The cell was the beast of all villains and the most fierce that Goku and his team had ever fought with. Cell saga was one of the longest and it completely tested every DBZ character’s strength. In the end, Goku had to sacrifice himself to take Cell down but he managed to survive the blast. However, Gohan rose out of his shell, and he powered up and defeated the Cell with ultimate Kamehameha. 

34. Dabura (Demon King)

Dabura - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Dabura was equal to Cell, that too with magical powers. Though he turned out to be the most wasted character because of his end, where he was betrayed and killed by Babidi.

33. Supreme Kai (God But Not So Strong) 

Supreme Kai - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Supreme kai is on another level, he is considered among Gods. But when the Kais meet Goku’s team they release the crazy power of mortals they didn’t know about. Supreme Kai himself stated that he could have blasted away Frieza in one shot. Though they were powerless when it came to Buu. In the end, Goku had to defeat him. 

32. Gotenks (Fused Saiyan Kids)

Gotenks - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Gotenks is half human and half Saiyan, but still he managed to transform into Super Saiyan 3. Moreover, he also spared Majin Buu. In Future Gotenks is ultimately going to become like Vegito or Gogeta. 

31. Majin Buu (Innocent Buu or Fat Buu)

Majin Buu - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Fat Buu was the first form of Pure Buu. He was the ultimate final villain of Dragon Ball Z. Fat Buu was not as evil as his final form, but he caused many deaths in the series and that raised the need for him to be defeated. After he gets overpowered by Gohan he explodes himself to take all of the fighters with him. 

30. Trunks (From Future Timeline)

Trunks - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Future Trunks for sure is equal in terms of power levels to Goku in his SSJ3 form. In his timeline, he defeated Babidi, and Dabura, and eliminated the threat of Majin Buu. 

29. Caulifla (Arrogant Saiyan)

Caulifla - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Caulifla is a Saiyan from Universe 6. She can become a super Saiyan 2, that too after learning how to become one during the Tournament of Power from Goku. so, her power is only limited to being placed at 27th. 

28. Super Buu (Evil Form)

Super Buu - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Innocent Buu becomes Super Buu when he absorbs Dragon Ball Z characters. He became evil and evil and power-hungry as he absorbed them all. Super Buu’s best fight was with Vegito, he managed to handle both Goku and Vegeta in a single body. However, he survived Vegito with his quick regenerative powers, otherwise, he would be toasted several times. 

27. Kid Buu (Pure Majin Buu)

Kid Buu - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Kid Buu was as strongest as Goku in SSJ3 form, he was pure evil that had a savage fighting style. The battle between Kid Buu and Goku was like no one has ever seen, it was being broadcasted to everyone including Supreme Kais. Even all the previously defeated villains like Cell, Frieza, all defeated Saiyans, etc, were watching the fight from hell. 

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26. Dyspo (The Flash of DBS)

Dyspo - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Dyspo is the Flash of Dragon Ball Super, his lightning speed stunned even Hit, a strongest fighter of Universe 6 who skips Time. During the tournament of power, Dyspo demonstrated his strongest moves many times. In strength, he can be defeated but in terms of pace, he has the upper hand in front of all DBS characters. Dyspo gave a hard time to Frieza, Gohan, Hit and many more fighters. 

25. Android 17 (Alpha Android)

Android 17 - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Android 17, the winner of Tournament of Power, was the second-best human droid that Doctor Gero ever created. In Dragon Ball Super we all have seen the power-packed performance of 17. He can exchange blows with Goku in blue form and has defeated the most strongest characters from other Universes.  

24. Orange Piccolo (After Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero)

Orange Piccolo - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Old Piccolo was not so strong enough to be placed in this position, but after the newest DB Super: Movie- SuperHero, he got a power upgrade from Shenron and became Orange Piccolo. Now, he is strongest enough to spar with Cell Max. And as per our expectation, now, Orange Piccolo can even spar head to head with Goku and Vegeta in the Blue form separately, Frieza in Golden Form, and many other strongest fighters. 

23. Kale ( Shy But Most Fierce Saiyan of Universe 6 ) 

Kale - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Kale is another Saiyan warrior from Universe 6, but the less she knows about her own powers. She is actually the female version of uncontrolled Broly when loses her temper. In the tournament of power, she had gone berserk, when transformed for the first time and put to rest by Jiren himself. She can even crush Piccolo in Orange form. 

22. Golden Frieza (the Most Despicable Villain of DBZ)

Golden Frieza - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Frieza doesn’t need an introduction, he is the most despicable villain of all time. The Frieza saga was the one that started all the craziness in Dragon Ball Z. The impression of the audience towards Freiza was enough to sustain him in Dragon Ball Super also, with a dedicated saga called Resurrection F. Moreover, Frieza was shown as one of the pivot fighters of Universe 7 in the tournament of power. 

21. Agnilasa (Scientific Beast From Universe 3) 

Agnilasa - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Agnilasa or Aniraza, gigant humanoid, was the ace card of Universe 3 formed after the fusion of several members. It was the ultimate weapon that this universe had and surprisingly this giant monster can fly. In the tournament of power while fighting with several members of Universe 7 including Vegeta, Frieza, Gohan, Android 17 and Goku, the human droid outstretched its wings and attacked with a spirit bomb shape energy weapon. Lastly, they all attacked at once and defeated Universe 3

20. Zamasu (the Most Hideous character Of DBs)

Zamasu - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Zamasu, as per my fans, was one of the most hated villains, even more than Frieza, of the Dragon Ball series and also one of the most strongest characters. His ways to defeat Goku and other Universes were intensely hideous. He became very strong in search of power. In the end, Zeno himself erased Zamasu after he absorbed the whole universe. 

19. Goku Black (Zamasu In Goku’s Body)

Goku Black - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Black Goku was a separate incarnation of Zamasu from his timeline that used Shenron’s power to switch bodies with Goku and when the body transfer was completed he killed Goku who was at that time in Zamasu’s body. His final goal was to destroy all the mortals along with Future Zamasu, his counterpart. 

18. Toppo (Top 2nd Of Universe 7)

Toppo - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Toppo, the number two of Universe 7, and the most strongest warrior of Justice after Jiren. Also, to add more, Toppo has the power of God of destruction. However, In the tournament of power, Vegeta demonstrated a strongest act and even surpassed Toppo’s destructive powers and eliminated him. 

17. Kefla (Fused Saiyan From Universe 6)

Kefla - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Kefla is incredibly the strongest fused Saiyan of Universe 6. She is the fusion of two female Saiyans, Kale and Caulifla. Kefla is extremely strongest, she was strong enough to take down Goku in SSJ Blue form. However, in the tournament, Goku finally blasted Kefla after transforming into Ultra Instinct Mode. 

16. Gohan Beast (After Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero)

Gohan Beast - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

It was a bit difficult to rank Kefla and Ultimate Gohan, but after analysing the attributes of both we can say that Gohan can now defeat Kefla after he reached a new form- Gohan Beast in the movie ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’. 

15. Vegeta (Proudest Saiyan Prince Warrior)

Vegeta - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince, a rival of Goku, and the proudest warrior of Universe 7. He is one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball series. As he fought alongside Goku, his power levels reached new heights with every intense battle. His most recent form, which aired in a tournament of power, goes beyond SSJ Blue Form. Now fans are expecting a new form of Vegeta called Ultra Ego to air soon. Ultra Ego is going to be epic, Vegeta will break all his limits and be stretched to the edge to achieve it. 

14. Broly (Uncontrollable Saiyan Beast)

Broly - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Broly is unstable, he cannot be tamed by anyone. Just like Goku and Vegeta, Broly is also a survivor of Planet Vegeta, home to saiyans. This original character of Dragon Ball was again revived in the movie: Dragon Ball Super: Broly. 

13. Hit (Feared Assassin In Dragon Ball Super)

Hit - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Hit is one of the strongest characters who debuted in Dragon Ball Super, he is not a warrior but even more dangerous, an assassin. He has gone head-to-head with Goku SSJ Blue form with Kaioken x20. We have placed Hit at 11th place because if he just wants to kill then no one can stop him. 

12. Jiren (A Mortal Stronger Than Gods)

Jiren - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Jiren is the strongest warrior of Universe 11, and a mortal who is even stronger than a God of Destruction. His first appearance was revealed at the beginning of Tournament of Power. Goku was a little bit excited and frightened at the same time after meeting him. At the end of the tournament, he was the only one left to take down Goku and his team. Also, the need to beat Jiren pushed Goku to unlock Ultra Instinct. 

11. Goku (Legend, Hero, & Saviour of Dragon Ball Series)

Goku - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Goku made our childhood awesome. He was never the strongest, but his indestructible will to become the strongest pushed him to where he is now, among GODs. Goku’s Ultra Instinct form makes him strong enough to be on this list as number 10. But we all know the dude will get much stronger than he already is, and he is never going to stop. Moreover, now Goku is in God league, and most probably he is going to become one himself, expectedly.  

10. Vegito (Fused Goku and Vegeta Through Portara)

Vegito - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Vegito is the fusion of two legendary Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta. So you can understand how strongest they can be. In any Dragon Ball episode, Vegito’s full power has never been revealed. This character overpowers every villain, so the fans have never seen what Vegito can do in a life-or-death situation. But, surely, he is weaker than Gogeta because his form can last only up to 10-15 mins and Gogeta can last for half an hour. 

9. Gogeta (Fused Goku and Vegeta Through Fusion Dance)

Gogeta - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Gogeta and Vegito both are different forms of fused Saiyans, born when Goku and Vegito become one. But, if it has to be decided, then Gogeta is much stronger than Vegito. Because Gogeta’s form can last much longer than Vegito and it does even need the earrings to be fused. Just like Vegito, Gogeta also has never been seen in much trouble while battling his opponents. He surely is one of the most strongest dragon ball characters.

8. Champa (God of Destruction From Universe 6)

Champa - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Champ is the brother of Lord Beerus, but we suspect that he is a lot weaker than him. But weak or not he is the God of Destruction and deserves to be in the seventh spot. 

7. Belmod (God of Destruction From Universe 11)

Belmod - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Belmod, another God of Destruction from Universe 11. His powers besides the ‘Hakai’ are not yet revealed, but he sure looks serious. Jiren is from his Universe, so it’s expected that he will be much stronger. 

6. Lord Beerus (God of Destruction From Universe 7)

Beerus - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Lord Beerus, the fierce destroyer from Universe 7, Goku’s universe. It’s suspected that he is not only one of the most strongest dragon ball characters but also the most strongest God of Destruction. 

5. Whis (Angel of Universe 7)

Whis - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Whis is surely one of the most strongest characters of Dragon Ball. He is angel assigned to assist Lord Beerus. As he is stronger than him, Whis trains Lord Beerus and keeps him in line by not letting the other planets get destroyed easily. Whis has incredible abilities, he is almost magical. Travelling faster than the speed of light, rewinding time, etc are a few of these capabilities. 

4. Angels (Guides For Destroyers)

Just like Whis, as an angel, is assigned to the destroyer of Universe 7, every other Universe has its angel chosen to serve the destroyers. These Angels have crazy abilities, they guide the Gods of Destruction to master their powers and assist them as personal attendants. 

3. Daishinkan (Father of Angels)

Daishinkan - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Daishinkan is one of the mysterious characters of Dragon Ball Super, he is the father, leader and guide for all the Angels. His powers are still unknown, but it is sure that he has crazy abilities, a whole new form of powers that are yet to be revealed late in the show. 

2. Attendants Of Zen-Oh (Bodyguards)

Attendants Of Zen-Oh - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Attendants of Zen-oh Sama, are the bodyguards of mighty Zeno. Not much is known about them. Their power levels are still unknown and they haven’t uttered even a single word since the start of the series. 

1. Zen-Oh: The Omni King (Supreme Being)

Zeno - Strongest Dragon Ball Character

Zeno-Oh Zama or The Omni King is the supreme being, God of all the Universes and destroyer of all. Irrespective of his status he is always eager to be friends with Goku. He can be as funny as he can and as angry as a God can get in an instant. Ultimately, he was and is the most strongest characters of Dragon Ball Super, but it’s still a question that if he will remain be the most overpowered or someone will take over in coming seasons.

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