The Is The Dumbest Creature On The Planet As Per The Hindu, Note: God Level Sarcasm Ahead

As humans, who are said to have had evolved from monkeys, continues to push boundaries and outsmart generations they succeed. And as dogs continue to get smarter, some creatures don’t want to learn and evolve and continues to stay dumb like they forever were.

On the recently concluded World Wildlife Day, a The Hindu article unveiled the dumbest creature to ever walk the Earth. And humans, in some way or the other, have a hand in making it the dumbest creature.

In the article, the Turtles have been defined as the dumbest animals in the world. This tag has been conferred to them due to their inability to identify a difference between a plastic bag and a jellyfish.

Why? because they weren’t born to identify the difference.

Source – World Wildlife Fund

“Such is the lack of intelligence that a sea turtle cannot even tell the difference between a plastic bag and a jellyfish. That says a lot when you consider that Jellyfish is the turtles favourite food,” the article says.  

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Surely, it’s we humans that have evolved and forced others (be it animals or humans) to evolve with us. And while animals like dogs, cats or even lions have understood our ways, turtles, on the other hand, have failed. Or maybe we have failed to understand them.

Source – SEE Turtles

And now when “geniuses that put a vehicle on the red planet, a man on the faraway moon, and that plastic bag in the vast ocean,” claim to be the most intelligent, we need to question ourselves are we actually the most evolved?

Ofc yes, if evolving for us means to evolve alone by plaguing someone else’s existence.

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The sarcastic article now leaves you with the question “Who’s actually is the dumbest creature on this planet?”

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