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These Chilling Videos of Locust Plague Show How Dangerous They Could Be To India’s Food Security

Locusts have begun entering India after wreaking havoc in neighbouring countries including Pakistan and Iran. For the unknown, locusts are crop-eating insects that can eat an enter standing crop harvest within hours destroying the livelihood of farmers.

locust in india
Source – Reuters

Locusts have now entered states including UP, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan that are known for farming activities. Millions of locusts were seen on trees and in Rana Heda village near Panbihar in Ujjain district. Also, locusts made their way to the city of Jaipur on Monday.

Many people on Monday woke up to chilling visuals of locust taking over Jaipur and other cities. And if you will watch these videos below, you will know how dangerous they could be humans and India’s food security.

Locusts are insects originating from the family of grasshoppers. Locusts usually mind their own business and are not dangerous but during certain climatic and environmental conditions they experience excessive breeding, forming large swarms.

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Reports say that species of locust in India right now is desert locust, which is the most harmful one. In Rajasthan, 16 districts are affected, in UP 17 and Madhya Pradesh has reported one of the worst attacks in 27 years. 

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An average locusts population of 40 million can eat the food of 35,000 people in a single day. The governments have issued advisories to the farmers and are also formed teams to spray pesticides to control the damage.

Feature image credit – Reuters

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