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This French Café Has Teddy Bears To Promote Social Distancing And They Look ‘Beary’ Good

A whole lot of public facilities like restaurants and malls have begun to open across the world despite coronavirus still being a thing. However, they have also been asked to follow strict rules to ensure the safety of people.

Source – Telangana today

From glass cabins to only allowing takeaways, the restaurants are trying their best to get the business on track. In one similar incident, a cafe in Paris came up with an adorable idea to get itself new customers.

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This cafe in Paris has placed giant teddy bears on dining tables to enforce social distancing and safety of diners. The teddy bears are placed on either sides of the customers so they can feel safe.

A bunch of social media users shared pictures of the cafe and it looks so adorable.

Netizens, surely, couldn’t control but only say a word or two about the creativity.

ViralBake Telegram

Over the months, we have seen many creative ways that restaurants have adopted to ensure social distancing.

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In Thailand, you are supposed to sit with toy pandas while dinning to ensure social distancing. Thailand had relaxed some of its lockdown restrictions starting May 3, which included restaurants and cafés.

In another instance in Germany, dining customers at a cafe are asked to wear ‘pool noodles’ as helmets to ensure social distancing.

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Well, surely, the pandemic has boosted the creativity in people if nothing else.

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