Video: This Giraffe Photobombing A Couple’s Wedding Shoot Is A Mood

How pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots have become an endearing tradition across the world is no secret. And it doesn’t matter how much you bitch about the same, somewhere deep inside, we all wish for that perfect pre-wedding picture/pictures that we can share online.

Well, happens to be, it’s not just us who wants to get clicked. This giraffe named Stanely wants the world to take notice of his cuteness so he decides to photobomb a couple’s wedding shoot. And we are glad that he did so.

As a couple at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu, California was trying to capture its wedding moments in frames, Stanley finds something fishy about the groom’s turban and decides to interrogate.

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For the same purpose, he grabs the turban using his mouth and… tries to wear it? Well, we have no idea what he wanted to do with it because before he could, the groom anyhow manages to get back the same.

A video of the same was shared on YouTube by Aperina Studios, who did the wedding photoshoot for the couple.

As far as the wedding shoot is concerned, it’s everything that will make you jealous. Scenic location? Check. Beautiful attires? Check. Attires matching with the location? Check. A Giraffe to feature with you in the pictures? Well, check.

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Towards the end of the 30-second-clip, the couple can be seen posing candidly at some distance from the excited giraffe.

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