This Man Is A Soldier, A Doctor And Also An Astronaut, You Have To Trust What You Just Read

Most of us hit a snag when it comes to choosing the profession we want to pursue in the future. And despite tiresome thinking, some of us often fail and end up choosing the wrong profession.

 Johnny Kim

However, for Jonny Kim, that’s all folks. Jonny The Korean-American surely has surpassed all the expectations that his parents may have had with him when it comes to profession.

Jonny Kim “in a nutshell” is now a certified NASA astronaut after becoming a Harvard doctor and carrying out lessons as a Navy Seal. 

Jonny Kim, astronaut and Navy officer
Source – CBS News

Kim was among the 18,000 candidates who had applied to join the ranks as a NASA astronaut. And he is also the first Korean American to clear the test. He would now be a part of NASA’s future missions to space.

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Kim was delighted to be a part of NASA as he took on Twitter to announce his excitement.

“A true privilege and honor to walk among the @NASA Astronaut Corps with my brothers and sisters,” Kim tweeted Tuesday. “We know there are many qualified and deserving candidates out there — we’re the lucky ones to represent humanity. Let’s work towards a better future for our world and our children,” he tweeted.

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Kim was reportedly declared a NASA astronaut after having had completed an Artemis astronaut training program on Friday. The program focuses on future missions including a trip to the moon and Mars. 

Jonny Kim
Source – Reddit

Life In Reverse

Before becoming an Astronaut, Kim was a Navy Seal and had served as a combat Medic, sniper, navigator and point man on more than 100 combat operations during two deployments to the Middle East.

Source – Stripes

Kim further went to attain a degree in mathematics at the University of San Diego followed by a doctorate of medicine from Harvard Medical School. 

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Kim has completed two years of training before graduating as an astronaut. And he believes that nothing good comes easy. “All things that are worthwhile are very difficult to obtain,” he said. 

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