Women Share Their Hilarious “I was trying to be sexy” Fails And We Just Can’t Stop Laughing

Sex is complicated. And things we do to ensure our partner has all the fun they deserve in bed can sometimes get even more complicated.

It, more like, reflects human nature. Our desire to be everything that those people in adult movies pretend to be. Or desire to give our partner the best of what they have ever had in bed (even if we are an amateur at the game).

Amidst the “overdoing” process, things, sometimes, tend to get funnier and these “I was trying to be sexy” sex fails shared by women on Reddit are just those.

Sex fails

I was trying to be sexy fails

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I was trying to be sexy

I was trying to be sexy

sex fails

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intimate fails

I was trying to be sexy

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What’s your hilarious sex fail moment? Do share with us in the comment section.

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