This Pic Of Sad 'Big Poppa' Is All The Reasons Why Coronavirus Must End As Soon As Possible - Viral Bake

This Pic Of Sad ‘Big Poppa’ Is All The Reasons Why Coronavirus Must End As Soon As Possible

Yes, animals have wandered off their habitat and running across the streets with no worries amidst lockdown but not every animal seems to be having that good time. Amidst lockdown, pets have been forced to stay back home with their owners and so is this bulldog named Big Poppa.

A picture of Big Poppa looking at the children playing from his balcony and being sad about the fact that he couldn’t join them is breaking the heart of the internet. As per the owner, Big Poppa had made friends with the children and used to play with them before lockdown.

And now, he has been wandering in the house in low spirits, missing his most favourable activity. The picture of him was shared by Rashida Ellis with the caption, “Big Poppa has been so sad today, I think he miss[es] playing with the kids in the building. He just watches them from the patio”.

big poppa sad

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Ever since his picture went viral, people have been coming out to cheer Big Poppa. Many known personalities also joined in to say a word to the cute creature.

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