This Website Lets You Calculate Your Age And Birthday On Different Planets

Ever wondered what your age would be on a different planet out there in the solar system? Wait, what? Is our age different on other planets when compared to our age on Earth? Well, Duh!!

An Earth day is 24 hours long. However, the length of the days and the number of years on different planets are different (due to the time a planet take to complete one rotation of the sun).

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For example, a day in Jupiter is only 9 hours, 55 minutes and 30 seconds long, which means a single day is just over a third the length of an Earth day. 

age on different planets

With that being said it would be interesting to calculate what would be your age on different planets. And here’s the way to do so.

All you need to do is visit and fill your birth date in the “Enter Your Birthdate Here” boxes given below.

age on different planets

Once you have finished, click on the calculate button. The algorithm will soon calculate your age on different worlds that vary with what your age is on Earth.

age on different planets

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Besides the number of days and number of years, the website also tells you on what day your birthday will fall if you were on a different planet. The age is calculated based on the planets’ rotation and revolution around the Sun.

It can be quite amazing for you that your age can be different on various planets. We are measuring our age by estimating the number of days of early revolutions, which is 365 days. The age calculators online only use the earthly time period and revolution around the sun. When we measure our age in the mercury and veins our age time span would be enhanced. Our age would be reduced on the remaining planets of the solar system. So we have less age on Mars and Jupiters as they are beyond the sun and taking more time to revolve around the sun.

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