7 Tips for Saving Money When You Buy Your Sweet Home

The most significant investment of your life is purchasing a home for yourself and your family in terms of monetary value and your personal life. Hence it is highly recommended that you do everything you can to save money while going through the purchase process. Not to worry! This article combines 7 tips for saving money when you are buying a home so sit with me till the end.

7 Tips for Saving Money When You Buy Your Sweet Home

1. Loan

It is obvious that you would want a loan when buying a house but the suggested thing is to shop around for it. Do not just accept the first loan deal you can find instead look for all the available options so that you can pick the best one. Talk to multiple lenders, compare all the pros and cons attached to each of the offers and then take an informed decision. It can help you save lakhs of rupees in the long run.

2. Pre-Approved Loan

Right after you plan to buy a house, the first thing you need to do is get yourself approved for a loan. It is a good idea to get approved for a loan that fits you before you start looking for a house that fits you. It also happens to bring out a clear picture of your budget which further helps you narrow down your pursuit of a house. In fact, the buyers will also find you more attractive once they know that your finance is in your pocket before you walk into the potential house.

3. Homes Within Budget

The market is full of houses available for sale and I am sure you left a piece of your heart in most of the ones you walked into. However, it is really important to consider your budget because some places might look like home tempting you to stretch your budget. Nevertheless, it is not a good idea to strain yourself financially to fit into a house that was not meant for you.

4. Price Negotiation

If you are a first-time home buyer, it is understandable that you would shy away from negotiating the price. However, don’t be. Feel free to negotiate the price that is put on your potential home and try to bring it down as much as possible, even if it is already in your budget. This may help you get the house of your dreams that was not the house of your budget.

5. Old Junkies

You can go for buying an old house which would require renovation before you move in. It will serve you two purposes, one, it will be cheaper than the rest and second, you will be able to give it your personal touch. However, please factor in the cost that will go into the renovation of the house because that should not exceed your budget.

6. Closing Cost

Just like we pay GST at a restaurant, we need to understand that there are multiple charges in buying a house. Make sure that you consider all other fees than the house like lender fees, insurance, property tax, registration tax, and more. It will help you stay within your budget because house cost is not the only thing you are paying for.

7. Long Term

I have suggested that you save money throughout the article but at the same time, I would like to mention that you need to think about the long term. Make sure if you are buying a ready-to-move-in house, then you are considering the time it would take before asking for a renovation. Also, I hope you have had a discussion with your partner about family planning and have room for everyone you will be including in your family in the future.


In this article, we discussed 7 tips that will help you save money while buying a house. By keeping these simple tips in mind, you will be able to save a lot of money on a house as well as make an informed decision. Be sure of your research, budget, and requirements while you are out in the real world looking for a house.

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