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To Anyone Who Needs To Hear This: No FAUG Didn’t ‘Copy’ The Poster

A lot of buzz about gaming has been in the news ever since Akshay Kumar announced the upcoming FAU-G game in India days after PUB-G was banned by the Indian government.

Launching the game, Akshay Kumar wrote with FAU:G, “I’m hoping that as they (gamers) play the game they will learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers and also contribute to the families of the martyrs; and with this each one of us has the ability to support PM Modi’s vision of Atma Nirbhar”.

Well, that all the goods about the yet-to-launch the game, but the other side of the story was people pointing out that the makers of FAU-G ‘copied’ the poster available in the stock image to show soldiers engaged in a battle.

Some even pointed out that an album named Today We Rise has used the same poster already.

Many people even began questioning the maker’s ability to make a game if they can’t even make a poster.

After a bit of searching, we found the maker of the stock image.

There are two things that need to be addressed here. First of all, we need to let go of the penchant for judging the book by its cover. Questioning India’s entrepreneurship skills and the game just by seeing a picture is a blunt comment coming from people who supposedly doing nothing entrepreneurial.

Secondly, yes the makers ‘purchased’ the stock image to be used in a poster. Well, what’s is so wrong about it? Does everything ‘Made in India’ has to be made of Indian raw goods only? Well, if that is the case, then you will feel cheated to know that many things, including solar cells (raw material), are actually imported and then assembled in India along with Indian goods to make something exceptional (finished good).

The person who drew the picture must have been given the money for the purchase. The makers liked his skills and used the picture. And at last, that is what the stock pictures are for. To be used by one who needs them and finds them worthy of representing the work.

And to the ones calling the poster plagiarised, plagiarism is when you copy something without giving credits to the original maker or paying them the money associated with the product or service, which surely is not the case as of what we know.

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Let’s not make a fuss out of it.

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