Top 10 High Nutrient Foods To Control Hypertension

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Does hypertension affect your daily life? Living a long life with hypertension is possible but the odds will not be in your favour. In most cases, people aren’t aware that they have high BP. Consider hypertension as the silent killer for all humans which damages one of the vital organs known as the Heart. Trying not to make things scary, but if high blood pressure is left untreated then there’s a possibility of having heart disease.

What is Hypertension or High Blood Pressure?

To know what you can do to control hypertension, first, you need to understand what it is.

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is a condition in which the force of flowing blood is too high against the artery walls. This condition can damage the healthy blood vessels and can lead to serious health issues like heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure and others.

  • If the blood pressure reading is 130/80 then it is stage one hypertension.
  • For stage two the blood pressure reading should be 140/90 or higher.
  • And if BP readings reach 180/110 or higher, it is considered a medical emergency.

Controlling Hypertension

There are several ways to control hypertension like exercising, losing weight, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption and many more. But the boldest move towards controlling your blood pressure will be to modify your diet plan. Many foods can become your ally to fight hypertension.

Please take a look at the top 10 high nutrient foods to help you to control hypertension:


Banana for Hypertension

Understand the working of bananas against hypertension in a simple sentence. Banana contains an adequate amount of potassium, it is a mineral that helps manage high BP.


Spinach for Hypertension

It is loaded with heart-healthy nutrients, this green vegetable is an excellent source of Lutein. Lutein is very effective in preventing the thickening of artery walls. This helps by reducing the probability of having strokes and blood pressure.


Celery for Hypertension

Celery is an ideal food to eat for hypertension, this food contains a phytochemical known as phthalides. This chemical helps to relax the artery walls which results in smooth blood flow and lower blood pressure.



Oatmeal is very healthy to consume as breakfast for patients having high BP. Oats contain a type of healthy fiber called beta-glucan which helps to control high cholesterol.

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Avocados for Hypertension

Avocados are loaded with oleic acid, which can help to lower high BP and cholesterol levels.



Yes, watermelon is also hypertension reducing food item. It contains a type of amino acid called citrulline. This acid helps to manage the high BP symptoms.

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Well, nitrates in beetroots are very effective in managing high blood pressure. Blood pressure can be lower after few hours of consuming beetroot.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds contain an essential mineral known as magnesium. It helps to manage high blood pressure effectively.



Citrus fruits like oranges can help in lowering blood pressure majorly. Consuming oranges also have other health benefits like protection against cell damage, fighting anaemia, boosting the immune system and many more.



Carrots are an ideal source of phenolic compounds like caffeic acid, chlorogenic and many others. They reduce inflammation and relax the artery walls, which may help to control high BP.

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