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Watch: This Man Paragliding On A Sofa With Lamp & Chips While Watching TV Is What We Call Being ‘High’

With all coronavirus around us, land doesn’t feel like the safest of places to be on right now. So why not take our belongings and live in the sky? No, it’s not the Monday blues that have hit our nerves and we assure to make complete sense out of the statement as you read further.

In a bizarre yet “I would surely do” like incident or call it a stunt, this man took both paragliding and entertainment on a sofa to give our eyes a treat.

The man named Hasan Kaval, 29, from Izmir, Turkey is a paragliding instructor. He recently shared a video of him paragliding with a couch, TV, chips and comfy slippers for his entertainment the sky. And I can only watch on repeat.

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A few seconds into the video the man takes off his shoes to replace them with slipper and munches chips while watching Tom and Jerry just like everything from the comfort of the home.

After a relaxing time in the sky, he safely lands on land again. The video also shows how Kaval, with the help of his friends, modified the couch to use it for paragliding.

And now, people just can’t stop talking about it.

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Wanna do? Count me in.

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