Video: This Tourist Posing At 2,800-Foot Mountain Edge Will Give You Anxiety

If you’re afraid of heights, you better quit this story before it gives you a phobia that would refrain you from reading our stories; because that will hurt us. The video, that was shared by a thriller seeker online, is everything close to dangerous and viral on the web.

In the video, one can see a tourist posing on the edge of a 3,000-foot mountain near Rio de Janeiro. And as the video recorder shifts the camera to get the view of the vicinity, our heart skips a beat seeing the buildings below that look like blocks of plastic toys from the mountain height.

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The woman, for facts, is posing at the edge of a 2,769-foot cliff on Pedra da Gavea, Brazil. 

tourist posing at 2,800-Foot Mountain Edge

According to the tourism website Visit Brazil, Pedra da Gavea is the world’s biggest coastline monolith. “Visitors can reach the top of the monolith after a hard and demanding trek of approximately 3 hours… Climbing Pedra da Gavea is only for experienced trekkers,” the website warns.

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