Wanna Make Monday A Funday? Just Go & Google ‘People Trying To Sell Mirrors,’ Trust Us.

There are 1,000s of ways to sell useless stuff online and sometimes, the useless could be a mirror. But happens to be, nothing can get tougher than selling a mirror online, especially if you are – firstly, concerned about your privacy and secondly ain’t photogenic like me.

Selling mirror online can simply get tougher because whenever you opt to click their pictures to upload them on the buying and selling website, it obvious that those pictures will look like “Mirror Selfies”. And an online sale store is no place to ‘post’ mirror selfies.

Thus, people often try hacks to click the product pictures and they turn out to be hilariously funny. Have a look:

<a href=httpstwittercomSivMajorstatus976415235484672000>Source<a>

mirror selfies
<a href=httpstwittercomSivMajorstatus976415235484672000>Source<a>

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<a href=httpstwittercomSivMajorstatus976415235484672000>Source<a>

<a href=httpstwittercomSivMajorstatus976415235484672000>Source<a>

<a href=httpstwittercomSivMajorstatus976415235484672000>Source<a>

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people trying to sell mirrors
<a href=httpstwittercomKoheijinostatus976894872933330944>Source<a>

<a href=httpsimgurcompgMgKZl>Source<a>

<a href=httpstwittercommadisun skyeeeestatus977055188413329408>Source<a>

ViralBake Telegram
people trying to sell mirrors
<a href=httpstwittercomgabideg97status976694947842838528>Source<a>

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mirror selfies
<a href=httpstwittercomsami somebodystatus976832340398952450>Source<a>

<a href=httpswwwredditcomrMirrorsforsalecomments86ga9vits like im not even there>Source<a>

mirror selfies
<a href=httpswwwredditcomrMirrorsforsalecomments86gc6xyou cant see me if im sideways>Source<a>

<a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBa1WGiHFgqz>Source<a>

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<a href=httpstwittercomkaitlyntj56status976794958349742081>Source<a>

people trying to sell mirrors
<a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBa9C CTl9Y utm source=ig embedutm campaign=embed profile upsell logged in control>Source<a>

<a href=httpswwwinstagramcompBbmRzhylA28>Source<a>

<a href=httpswwwredditcomrdelusionalcraigslistcomments7zp9d6this listing has been active for weekswonder why>Source<a>

<a href=httpstwittercomPoonikinzstatus976820311525126145>Source<a>

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Thought you have got problems in life? Well, there surely are bigger struggles.

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