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Was Lord Shiva An Alien? Theories That Questions The Un-Obvious

It is a firm belief among people that the destroyer, Lord Shiva is actually a Swayambhu, which means he was created and not born. And thus, he existed when there was no sign of life on earth and will continue to exist even when life perishes.

The theory mentioned above is supported by the lack of information we have about Lord Shiva. Today when we talk about Shiva, there is no mention of parentage, no place of birth, nobody saw him growing up and we have no idea where he died (only if he did) because there is no significant temple that has been erected to signify the place where he took his last breath.

With no parentage, no place of birth, no siblings, and no death to prove he was born, does it mean we can assume that he was some kind of extraterrestrial being? Probably aliens? Or was he one among them? Presumably, we have no clue. However, we have garnered some theories that indicate he might be an alien.

Shiva A Yaksha Swaroopa



Shiva is often referred to as YakshaSwaroopa. Yaksha means a celestial being. The ones that are not human and have come from elsewhere and exist in the natural environment like trees and/or mountains. Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest Shiva, a powerful being, came from elsewhere and possessed flying machines, incredible weapons, and had supernatural abilities he used for various purposes.



The evidence that Shiva has been walking the Earth doesn’t only come from ancient Vedic texts but is also carved in stones and even the famous Mountain Kailash where Shiva supposedly resided. The picture above captured by Google Maps in which Lord Shiva’s face is apparent on Mount Kailash has left people baffled.

The Formation Of Kailasha Temple

Kailasha Temple


The creation of the Kailash Temple is a mystery in itself. Caves 16 known as Kailasha Temple is a shrine to Lord Shiva in Maharashtra. Historians maintain that the construction of the temple was not possible without removing over 4,00,000 tons of rock, and despite the challenge, the feat was accomplished in just 18 years.

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If we try to achieve the same today with the best equipments in hand, it would take people working for straight 12 hours a day, without a break – which is humanly impossible – to remove 4,00,000 tons of rocks in 18 years. So how is it possible that people who resided back then had achieved the same within 18 years, until they didn’t possess machinery with supernatural abilities? Or did they have one? One that wasn’t from Earth?

Ellora caves


Another baffling fact that spook conspiracy theories is even if they had removed four hundred thousand tons of rocks, where are those pieces of rocks? Because they are nowhere to be found close to the Kailash temple. It is assumed that Shiva possessed an out of the world machine that he used to convert rocks to thin air. And that’s why there is no sign of any such rocks.

Modern-Day Nuclear Reactor And Shiva Linga

Nuclear reactor


If you have seen a Shiva Linga, you can relate its structure with the modern-day nuclear reactor. On a closer look, one will also notice that the platform that surrounds the base of Shiva Linga represents the same structure under a nuclear reactor. Surprisingly, the purpose of both the bases is the same – to dispose of the polluted water. Today, people pour water or milk on top of the Shiva Linga as a ritual and similarly, we pour water on top of the nuclear reactor to cool it.

Shiva linga


Moreover, most of the Shiva temples across the world are located near water bodies like lakes and rivers and so are nuclear plants. So is it possible that Shiva Linga represents an ancient nuclear power reactor? A technology brought in by species from the world that hails beyond ours?

When the father of the atomic bomb, Julius S. Oppenheimer, tested the first atomic bomb to behold its potential, he cited a line from Bhagavat Gita – “I have become death. The destroyer of the world” which is also the title of Shiva. This prompts us to question whether Shiva was some kind of atomic energy that came from outer space?

The God Of Gods?

“Na aadhi na Anth hai uska”   

There is yet another exciting story that suggests that Lord Shiva’s creation was a result of an argument between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Apparently, the two lords were arguing as to who is more powerful. Suddenly, a blazing pillar appeared out of nowhere and stood erect in front of the deities. Next, the deities heard an anonymous voice, which tasked them to reach the end of the pillars.



Adhering to the command, the deities began their voyage to find the ends of the pillar to only return empty-handed. Once they gave up, they found Lord Shiva waiting for them to which they realized that an indestructible power rules the world and the eternity of the pillars symbolize the eternity of Shiva. The quote “Na aadhi naAnth hai uska” which translates to “He has no beginning and no end” suggests that he was some outside force that can not be destroyed. And humans don’t possess any such qualities.

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Shiva And Ganas



In yogic lore, Ganas are all Shiva’s friends. They were the ones who were always around him. However, the Ganas were odd looking, different, and not human and were infamous as demons among people. They didn’t know any human languages and spoke in an utter cacophony which was only understood by Shiva. So were Ganas and Shiva from somewhere else? Or probably aliens?



Also, the known story of Ganapati losing his head and Shiva replacing it with some other creature’s head is often linked to Ganas. This other creature is described as an elephant. But what you need to understand is, nobody called him Gajapati (Lord of Elephants). We always called him Ganapati (Lord of Ganas).

To Conclude

No one can authenticate that Shiva wasn’t an alien, similarly, no one can confirm that he was or is. Speculations always prevail and so does theories. These theories might sound logical, however, the logical approach isn’t always the best, especially when mentioning such divine powers.


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