The Ultimate Wedding Checklist Every Couple Should Know About

Are you planning to get married or someone form your friend circle is looking forward to tie knots? Whoever, it may be, there is an ultimate wedding checklist that the couple should know about to smoothen things out.

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist Every Couple Should Know About

Planning a wedding can be hectic enough to bring to an end. However, the most difficult part is still those questions popping from nowhere and the problems emerging from everywhere.

It could be made simpler if a few questions are addressed before the wedding and here is the list of those topics that every couple should discuss before jumping into the wedding planning.

  • Discuss a wedding budget and stick to it.
  • List all the pre and post wedding events you want to organise.
  • Book venues in advance to avoid any kind of last minute fuss.
  • Make sure to taste food before booking the caterer and finalising the menu.
  • Plan your entertainment ideas.
  • Have a pre planned photography session.
  • Talk about the decoration theme you want to pick.
  • Ensure to match your outfits for the wedding day.
  • Prepare your Wedding Trousseau beforehand.
  • Try your outfit a week before the day so that you have time to get the required changes done.
  • Make sure to put any required medications in your reach.
  • Pack necessary items in a bag like tissues, perfume, blotting tissues, mini makeup kit, safety pins, thread-needle and more.
  • Keep time for a spa or massage appointment before the wedding.
  • Wake up on time and eat a hearty breakfast.
  • Ensure to have plenty of time to get ready.
  • After the wedding, send out thank you notes.

You can print this checklist given below so that you are able to actually put a check before the thing you are through with.

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist Every Couple Should Know About


Here are some of the very important points that people tend to forget about. So, I have clubbed them all together for you so that you can make arrangements for the same. Make sure to not miss any of these things to have a great time at your wedding. Please remember that this occasion will come only once in your life.

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