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Weird And Strange: Man Inserts Mobile Charging Cable In Urinary Bladder Thorugh ‘Penis’

In a completely weird and shocking kind of incident, a man was found to have mobile charging cable in his urinary bladder. The incident has come to light from Assam’s Guwahati which has also shocked the doctors. The doctor says that he inserted the cable through his penis.

Initially, the 30-year-old man complained about a stomach ache, telling doctors he’d consumed a headphone cable through his mouth by mistake. When doctors couldn’t find anything in his stomach an X-ray revealed a cable in his urinary bladder. Doctor Wallie Islam who treated the man says he has not seen such a case in 25 years of experience in surgery.

Wallie Islam

The doctor said that the man used the cable to masturbate. The process of insertion was urethral sounding, a type of masturbation term used to describe the act where an object or liquid is inserted into the urethra explains the doctor. The doctor posted about the case in his social media handle to share the shocking news.

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The cable was removed from the man’s bladder through surgery. However, the doctor has said that his mental health still is a matter of question.

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