What Fans Thought Was A ‘Water Cooler’ For Bhishma Pitamaha In ‘Mahabharat’ Scene Is Something Else

Fans are becoming keener while watching the re-runs of popular shows like Ramayan and Mahabharat as it’s all their parents want them to watch amidst lockdown. And due to this unprecedented attention, people are spotting things in the reruns of these iconic shows.

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Recently, someone claimed to have spotted Bhishma Pitamaha using a water cooler back in the time when electricity was not even a word. Priorities? Priorities. Some even compared the same faux to the GOT and Starbucks fuss.

Can you see it? Jump to 32:44.

But after rolling through other episodes one will find that the thing is not a cooler. It’s a part of the design of the set. In another video, one can see the full design of the thing that looks like a water cooler.

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Many people after seeing the faux recalled and compared the same with the infamous Starbucks Cup on the Games of Thrones episode.

Well to all those you think Mahabharat messed up.

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