What Is Bhilwara Model That Everyone, Including Govt., Is Talking About To Fight Coronavirus?

Recently, Rajasthan has been in news for the rising number of coronavirus cases in its territory. And in Rajasthan, Bhilwara is another place that has created all the buzz for two-fold reasons. Firstly for being the hotspot of coronavirus and then secondly for introducing effective methods to tackle the same.

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Bhilwara has been so effective in fighting coronavirus that governments are now thinking to consider its model to tackle coronavirus across the country. But what is that Bhilwara is doing differently that has turned so many heads? Well, read on to unveil.

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Despite being a hotspot once, Bhilwara in the last 5 days hasn’t reported even a single coronavirus case. And it is the result of its SCST strategy. SCST which stands for – Surveying, Combining, Screening and Testing has been effective in ensuring a transmission cut between people in Bhilwara.

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Bhilwara at one time had 27 cases out of the 43 overall recorded in Rajasthan back then. The worst part was that coronavirus was recorded in 17 caretakers. After this, the district was put under curfew.

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The district was then sealed completely with no move, of either personal or vehicular permitted from in and out of Bhilwara. Keeping people in their homes gave Bhilwara a chance to implement its SCST strategy.

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Amidst curfew, health care professionals went door to door to every person in Bhilwara and scanned them to trace any sign of the virus. As many as 22 lakhs people were screened in a mere one week. Among the 28 lakh scanned in total 7,000 were quarantined and are being monitored via an app. 

Source – The Indian Express

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The district, each day carries disinfecting work so that the virus can be completely killed. It has also sent mass stocks so that nobody runs out of food and there is enough time to prepare for what comes next. 

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