World Gets To See The biggest Moon Of The Year On April 7, Pics Surfaces

On April 7, 2020, the world got to behold a rare and beautiful natural phenomenon called the Pink Super Moon. During the phenomenon, the moon was 14 percent bigger and 30% brighter than its usual aura and was the closest it would come to the Earth in 2020.

The super moon was visible from most of the world and people did not shy away from taking pictures of the same. From India to Russia, beautiful pictures capturing the moon on the super moon day are all over the internet. Have a look:

The phenomenon occurs when the moon’s closest point – the perigee – comes very close to the Earth. However, though named the Pink Super Moon, the moon is not actually pink.

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Pink Super Moon gets its name as a reference to a type of wildflower native to North America called ‘Phlox subulata,’ which has a bright pink hue and is an indicator that spring has commenced.

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Did you click any pictures of the Super Moon? Share with us.

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