WhatsApp Beta Version Uncovers Enhanced Chat Placements and Layout Modifications

WhatsApp has introduced the latest version of the application design with some significant changes. The user interface of the WhatsApp application is very simple with easy access to the chats and other tabs in the main application. The new version can be viewed by the people using the latest beta version. 

The WhatsApp application now has a completely changed main WhatsApp window. The chats, calls, statuses, and communities are now available at the bottom of the application. The users can easily and quickly view all of these if the users are using a large screen.

Rest everything else is exactly the same in the user interface as compared to the old version of WhatsApp. iOS users already have been using this interface, but now Android users will also be able to use a similar kind of interface. If the users don’t like the new interface then there will be no way of going back to the older version. 

WhatsApp User Interface

This new update is available in the recent and latest beta version of WhatsApp. This new update will lead to designing a new user interface for Android users. If the beta version passes all the tests then it is expected to release in the stable version of WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp has also released some new features that include a new Chat Lock feature for everyone. The new chat lock feature will allow its users to lock their private chats which will ensure that no other person has access even if you give your phone to someone else. This new feature will allow you to hide all the contents which will help in protecting your privacy. 

WhatsApp has also included a new Edit button. Users will have a 15-minute chance to rectify any incorrect messages they may have sent to anybody. This is a very handy tool since it eliminates the need to remove entire messages because the edit option allows you to modify sentences or words that you believe were incorrect at the time.

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