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Why Woman Lose Interest in Men? Here’s Why!

Is your lady disinterested in you these days? If yes, then you need to identify what you are doing wrong in the relationship.

To help you with the same, I have mentioned the top 5 things that turn women off real fast and they start losing interest in their men.

Go through the article and identify if you are doing a similar thing as mentioned in the article which might be making your ladylove lose interest in you.

1. Fake Promises

Fake Promises quote

When you make a promise to your girl and end up not fulfilling it, she does not look at it as a broken promise but a fake one. It is directly related to her losing trust in you and a girl can’t be interested in someone who makes fake promises to her. If you promised her a chai date, take her to one or else don’t come back crying.

2. Disrespect

disrespect quote

Women prefer respect over love so if you like to think that you love her and would like to keep her in your life while disrespecting her, then my dear you are trying to make an impossible dream come true. Every strong woman will lose interest in a man when he disrespects her so if you are that man by any chance, maybe it’s time to change the way you show your respect to her.

3. Inconsistency

inconsistency quote

Women are great observers and even better at giving silent treatments. She will closely observe your efforts and behaviour towards her. If she finds the enthusiasm to be fading, her interest in you shall fade proportionately. So, in case you have been showing lesser care to her, pull up your socks and do a better job.

4. Cheating

cheating quote

Cheating is the last thing anyone wants in a relationship and you could even lose interest in her if she does it. However, for women cheating isn’t just sleeping around. If you promised her to get your next tattoo done with her, taking someone else would be counted as cheating, so always stay on your toes about what you blurt out of your mouth.

5. Special Girl

special girl quote

The honeymoon period of a relationship is always dreamy and even you like to walk the extra mile to make her feel special. However, with time, when you reduce your efforts in making things dreamy for her, she stops making efforts to stay interested in you.


If you think you might have done something wrong unintentionally, it is better to fix it as soon as possible. And the best way to do it is to start doing what you left in between and if that doesn’t seem to work, walk another extra mile. Also, communicate with your partner so that everything is out in the open and you guys can start fresh.

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