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5 Reasons Why Should Never Take Tea Empty Stomach In The Morning

Many people start their day by having a cup of tea on an empty stomach. Did you know that this habit can cause ill effects such as indigestion and heartburn? Read on to find out about the side effects of taking tea with an empty stomach and about food stories.

Do Not Drink Tea With an Empty Stomach

We have got you five reasons for having ‘Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali’ with some food by your side.

5 Reasons Why Should Never Take Tea Empty Stomach In The Morning
  • Sleeplessness – Having tea empty stomach causes a sudden increase in body temperature. It can also be caused by sweating after exercises and by taking medication that needs to be taken while bedtime.
  • Headache – The second most common problem that arises in this situation is a headache. Excess dehydration can occur. A good amount of water and liquid intake can help in overcoming it. Those who suffer from heart diseases and blood pressure issues should take their medicines on time without fail.
  • Bloated Stomach and Gas – When you drink hot liquid without having any food with increased pressure inside your digestive system which leads to bloating. It initiates more space inside the stomach for food and it bloats.
  • Dizziness- This is not very common but consuming caffeine can cause dizziness in a few people.
  • Irregular Heartbeat – Having caffeine with an empty stomach can cause an irregular heartbeat. It is called Arrhythmia. It can also result in panic attacks.

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