Revealed! Alia Bhatt Ranbir Kapoor Just Took A New Selfie That Has Something Secretive Inside

What’s cooking?

Ever since the relationship tales of Ranbir and Alia began doing the rounds on the internet, the fans are going bananas over their look together as a couple.

Their love story has already become the talk of the B-town and the social media is going looney to capture a sensational one.

The paparazzi are constantly stalking the couple to get their hands on some hot topic that would create a loud buzz in media. And the stalking has paid off, for they have managed to find some gossips about this young couple, finally.

This morning, we came across a new selfie of Ranbir and Alia which feels like a fresh bud on the bloom. It has taken the internet by a storm and people are already showering their blessings on the actors.
alia bhatt ranbir kapoor

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Although the picture isn’t too clear, yet we can clearly spot them smiling and enjoying the weather. The ‘Brahmastra’ couple is setting major selfie goals and we are full of admiration for them.

You are loving it too, right?

Well, I am yet to tell you the interesting part of this pic? Feeling excited? I’m sure either you would have a belly laugh or would pull your hair in annoyance.

Well, let me take this opportunity to reveal the truth behind this selfie.

That’s the original one.

alia bhatt ranbir kapoor

Here’s the complete selfie with a new face in between. Surprised? Lol! Now you all might be thinking, what the hell is that guy doing in between them.

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Let me tell you who this fellow is. He’s Ido Portal, a fitness expert, who has been training the two for ‘Brahmastra’. Actually this picture has been edited just to create a buzz in the social media.

Lol! That’s funny. Hats off to the sly creators! It seems people nowadays, have too much time on their hands to maneuver facts and post them on social media. I wish I had this kind of time. No… no. Of course, I wouldn’t have done this shit but would have got some much-needed sleep. *Grin*

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Just one advice to the people out there who were the masterminds behind this image – Guys, if you are so eager, please wait for their original selfie and if you still want to photoshop it, then make sure you do it for your own personal fun.

PS- Thanks for giving me the reason to laugh, this morning. Lol!


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