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This Photography Lover Owns A Camera-Shaped House & Has Sons Named Canon, Epson And Nikon

It’s no hidden fact that how obsessed people, especially kids, are with owing a camera in the modern world. Like every nibba and nibbi out there wants one to do those street photo sessions that sometimes look pro and other times; just a bunch of kids wasting time.

Nevertheless, there are also people who, with time, give up on that craze of photography and also some for whom it becomes an obsession or a career. On the latter front is this gentleman who lives in Karnataka and owns a camera-shaped house there.

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The man named Ravi Hongal is one of kind who has always been interested in photography and made it his profession as he grew up. Not only that, he even built his family a home that looks exactly like a camera.

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On top of that, he has three kids, all boys, whom he has named after the three well-known modern digital cameras that are- Epson, Canon, and Nikon.

A picture of the house was recently shared on the web and has gone viral. And now, people can’t stop talking about it.

Someone recently interviewed the owner where he revealed that the house has been named ‘Click’.

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Very few people have the guts to do something this different and stay content about it. We must learn something from this man.

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