Coronavirus Second Wave Symptoms Looks Different From The First

The new recognised mutating Covid variants like Kent and Brazilian are quite stronger and producing more symptoms and attack the organs profoundly. As per the current research conducted by different hospitals across India, people testing Covid-19 positive are reporting second wave symptoms which are different from the basic signs and symptoms of Covid-19.

Source: Therapy Advisor

Gujarat doctors say Covid-19 patients who tested positive now show unusual symptoms, such as nausea, abdominal pain, cold, and vomiting. Therefore, doctors are now testing patients who don’t have Covid-19 classic signs. Few other symptoms are myalgia, joint pain, weakness, gastrointestinal complications, and loss of appetite.

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Interestingly, vague symptoms and unusual signs were noticed apart from fever and/or cough during the second and third wave of infections hit the UK and other European countries.

Are these infections severe?

Certain Covid-19 cases don’t show any symptoms or insignificant. However, the virus symptoms are changing and causing a much-more lethal attack on the body due to which the severity of infections is also noticed. The complications and severity of Covid-19 second wave symptoms might cause the highest risk for patients suffering from comorbidities. This can also increase the requirement of hospitalizations.

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However, the evidence is currently premature. Many experts say that the Covid mutations traced in Maharashtra can attack the body in different ways. For example, it can easily spread to the lungs, causes pneumonia, etc.


Even though vaccines have rolled out in the country, it is still important to wear a well-fitted mask and follow the Covid-19 safety protocols. Wash your hands regularly and sanitize touched surfaces frequently.

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