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Why Watching Crime Related Shows Are Awesome For Your Brain?

Do you watch crime related shows?

Not any show in particular, but any of those which are based on real crime stories. If yes, then let me tell you that its good for your brain. With each crime-thriller episode you watch, you are giving an excellent workout to your mind.

Besides that, there are other benefits too. And I am pretty sure that you would love those shows even more after reading the long list of good things it does for you. Here they are-

1. The right stimulation


Do you know, your brain starts becoming dull if you don’t stimulate it after every now and then? Well, now you do. The thing with crime-thrillers is that you need to understand the show, remember the characters and even follow the different stories, all told at once. With each episode you watch, you are giving the stimulation your brain needs.

2. Keeping away from hallucination


According to research, when people are put in an artificial situation where there is no stimulation, their brains just takes 30 hours to reach the maximum level of distress. As a result, they start stimulating on their own by hallucinating. And trust me, watching crime related shows is much better than hallucinating on your own.

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3. You make your brain sharp


When you watch a complex crime related show, you are unknowingly activating all the visual regions of your brain. By doing this, the primary visual cortex in the occipital lobe, where the images are first analyzed gets to work and in turn, your brain starts to function with apt precision. Good for you, right?

4. Both the hemispheres of your brain function together


You should know that there is an area of brain, that is specifically dedicated to understanding the show’s script. It is known as the ‘Wernicke’s area’ which is in the left hemisphere of your brain. On the exact same area of your right hemisphere, there is a part which analyses the tone of voice to understand the emotion expressed.

5. You make your memory strong


In order to watch a crime show, various parts of your brain have to work in perfect harmony to make you enjoy the most. This way you are keeping a lot of areas of your brain active. After all, you need to remember what happens to the characters, right? And that’s how you strengthen your memory folks.

6. You become better at reasoning


Apart from making your memory strong, you are also coaching your brain to become better at logical reasoning. I know how it sounds but thats the truth. When you apply your brain in reaching to conclusions in the show, you also are improving it to come up with a better and logical reasoning in real life too.

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7. You pull yourself away from depression


As you all know it, thousands of people end up suffering from the deadly depression. But did you know that watching crime related shows can even keep you away from being depressed? Apparently, the shows improve your brain chemistry and in turn, keeps your brain healthy. So, bye-bye depression.

8. You become more organized


While watching crime shows you stimulate your cognitive awareness. These are the areas of your brain that are responsible for executive function, which is basically planning and organizing. So, when you pay attention to watch your favorite crime-thriller, you are amplifying your cognitive awareness and time management skills.

9. You unknowingly form a million escape plans


Without even knowing, you figure out a way (according to you of course) to escape an ugly situation while you are watching an episode. For e.g., if the character is stuck in a riot, your mind quickly puts you in that same situation, evaluates it and makes an exit plan to get to safety. And that will surely come handy if you get stuck in a mess.

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10. You experience a natural high


Ever felt amazing when you find out who the killer was in a crime series that you have been following lately? Yeah, that feeling where you thought that you are the detective of the case? That is the natural high you get as your brain releases neuro as serotonin and dopamine that makes you feel happy and rewarded.

In Conclusion:

I know, some of you hate watching crime related shows because of what is available on Indian channels, but I would still want you to pick one. All you need to do is find out any such crime thriller you can put your mind into. After all, these benefits only can be reaped if you invest your time in watching them in the first place, right?

So, go pick your favorite. It can be a Netflix or Amazon crime series. And even if you pick Crime Patrol or Savdhan India, I won’t judge you!

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