Nature Reclaims: Dolphins Spotted In Kolkata For The First Time In 3 Decades

Ever since the lockdown has been implemented, reports of clean water and reduced pollution have been doing the rounds. As a result of this, nature is flourishing and many animals have returned to their natural habitats owing to better living conditions.

A good example of the same would be Mountain Goats strolling on the streets and flamingos returning to Mumbai waters. In one such similar incident, now dolphins have returned to Kolkata almost after three decades.

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A rare South Asian River Dolphin, which is counted among the critically endangered species, made an occurrence in Kolkata Ghats. The Dolphin is also known as the Ganges Dolphin and its occurrence has left environmentalists excited.

Source – Ravindra Kumar Sinha/Down To Earth

As per a report by Times of India, Dolphin occurrence in Kolkata was normal until water pollution prompted them to leave the space. These dolphins were especially spotted in the Hooghly river, which then began being snowballed with pollutants from factories prompting them to wander off.

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A senior environmental activist who spotted the Dolphins said that the reduction in pollution is the biggest factor behind its return. Biswajit Roy Chowdhury spotted the mammal at a place called Babughat in Kolkata.

Ony 1200-1800 of Ganges Dolphins are left in the world.

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