Watch: This Volcano In Indonesia Erupts ‘Electric-Blue Fire’ & Is Eerily Beautiful

In a beautiful and eerily phenomenon, a volcano in Indonesia, in real, erupts electric-blue fire and has become an amazing spot for gazers and admirers to behold.

Source – Geology Page

The blue fire is often seen to gush down from the mountain and its beauty increases at nights when it glows.

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The natural phenomena happens at Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia and was recently documented by a Paris-based photographer, Olivier Grunewald. The photographer explained that the blue glow isn’t exactly lava.

Source – National Geographic

He goes on to explain that the blue glow is created when the sulfuric gases ooze out of the volcanic cracks and react with the oxygen-rich atmospheric air in the vicinity thus creating a blue flame.

And when the liquid sulphur continues to burn as it flows down the slopes, it gives an illusion of lava flowing. He further added that the phenomenon is best seen during the night or after sunset.

For the unaware, volcanoes across the world are among the places people usually visit to experience something differnet. Like the ten active volcanoes that you can visit shown in this video.

Here are some cool pictures of the Indonesian volcano.
Source – Easyvoyage

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Source – Pinterest

Source – Daily Mail

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