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Watch: This 80-Year-Old Man Creates Painting On MS Excel That You Will Have To See To Believe

There are differnet types of art forms found across the world painting being one of them. And when we subcategories paintings, you get results like oil painting, wax painting, watercolour painting, a painting made by me – that is worthless painting – and many more.

But have you ever heard of painting on MS Excel? Well, it is a thing. And 80-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi from Japan is the master of the art. The man who retired 20 years ago wanted something to spend the lot of time he has in his hand and thus he opted for painting.

However, he didn’t want to spend money on colours and accessories so he choose to paint on MS Excel. And here is one video explaining how it goes through.

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And if you like his art as you scroll through, you can buy one of his paintings on this website right here. Tatsuo Horiuchi mostly draws the landscape of Japan on his computer and it can give tough competition to some good painters out there.

Source – Tatsuo Horiuchi

Source – Tatsuo Horiuchi

When you look at these pictures, they don’t appear to be made on Excel but with paint and brush. He also shared a picture of the process that goes into making a painting and it will blow your mind.

Source – Tatsuo Horiuchi

“I didn’t expect it [my painting] to improve immediately, so I made a 10-year plan,” Horiuchi told AFP. Horiuchi over the years has won many competition and I’m sure has fetched a good amount of money for his art for it is so clean and eye-catching.

Source – Tatsuo Horiuchi

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Source – Tatsuo Horiuchi

Source – Tatsuo Horiuchi

Source – Tatsuo Horiuchi

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The man is truly an inspiration for anyone who wants to try something differnet and unique in life.

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