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Instagram Adds It’s Recently Launched Feature To Sushant Singh Rajput’s Instagram Account In His Memory

We all remember our idols and loved ones in distinct ways. And to ensure Sushant Singh Rajput is also remembered forever for his contribution, skills and hard work, his team is setting up a website for him.

The website aims to share all the ‘positive energies’ that he has left behind.

sushant singh last movie

The website named is currently being developed and will solely focus on highlighting the actor’s thoughts, learning, dreams, and wishes that he would have shared with his fans.
sushant singh website

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“He is away but he is still alive with us. Kickstarting #SelfMusing mode Fans like you were real “godfather” for Sushant. As promised to him, converting this space into a collection of all his thoughts, learnings, dreams, and wishes, he always wanted people to know. Yes, we are documenting all the positive energies he has left behind in this world. #AlwaysAlive #BestofSSR” posted Sushant Singh Rajput”s team on Facebook.

sushant singh website

Well, this would be something beautiful but adding more to it, Instagram has also introduced its new feature on Sushant Singh’s Instagram profile.

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The account of the star was memorialised on Friday by Instagram, a feature that was launched recently by the photo-sharing app to pay tribute to people who had lost their lives.

remembering feature on Instagram

The word “Remembering” appeared in his profile bio. According to Instagram’s official website, this is what the ‘memorialized’ feature does.

As the account is now memorialised, it comes will key features that Instagram details about.

ViralBake Telegram

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Once an account is memorialised, no one can log into it. However, the posts and photos of the person stay, but will not appear in the Explore section. And the fact that no one can log in means no one can change anything in the account.

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