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iPhone 12 Box Won’t Have A Charger & Earphone & People Already Want A Refund!!

What is this behaviuor Apple?

Apple, last night, launched its highly anticipated Apple 12 series of iPhones, which created quite a lot of buzz out there.

But that’s not the only news. Happens to be, that Apple, to fulfill its promise to make the world a better place by achieving “net-zero climate impact” by 2030, has decided to achieve it by not providing iPhone charger brick and earphones with iPhone 12s’.

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Apple here was so greedy that it didn’t even reduce the price of the iPhone to compensate for the money that people would spend at buying a charger brick and super costly iPhone earphones.

The photo above is the cable that you will get in an iPhone 12 box. These are the only two contents that an iPhone box will entail.

And surely, the internet isn’t happy after learning about the fact.

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As far as the environment is concerned, the move will surely help decrease e-waste but it will also increase iPhone margins and reduce shipping costs. So Apple at the end of the day is the winner eventually

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