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Man’s Best Friend? Owner Sends His Dog To Buy Cheetos For Him With A ‘Warning Letter’

Creativity, in the time of pandemic and lockdown, has been top-notch and trust me it’s just been a few days. After we saw various instances of how people are creatively trying to deal with the quarantine woes, another fun incident has made it to the internet.

Recently, a woman who was craving his favourite snack sought the help of his best friend to get the same for him. And this best friend is none other than his dog.

Antonio Munoz wanted to feast on some Cheetos until she realised there is none at home. So, she attached a note to his dog and send him to buy some for her.

The note on the dog’s back said “Hello Mr. Shopkeeper. Please sell my dog some Cheetos, the orange kind, not the red ones, they’re too hot.” She has also attached $20 to her collar.

The note also had a warning that read, “She will bite if not treated right. Your front neighbour”.

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Home Delivery

Guessing the shoppers were scared of the dreadful consequences, they handed a packet of Cheetos to Antonio’s dog and send the same right away to her. He was even captured doing the home delivery deed for his owner.

People have been loving the creative hack to get things done from the comfort of the home. And while not every pet has been trained for that, some, anyway, are sending their dogs out to see what they end up with.

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Such incidents have frequented as countries across the globe face stringent lockdown to curb the coronavirus effect. As of now, half a million population on the earth has been infected by the virus. The USA, which reacted very late to the virus spread, has overtaken China and Italy to report the highest number of positive coronavirus cases.

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