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Mayong Black-Magic Stories: Welcome To The land Of Witchcraft

Rickety old hags flying on nasty looking brooms, or people in shining yellow robes playing quid-ditch, which image pops up in your head when you hear the word ‘witchcraft’?

Whatever be it, one thing is clear, there is no escaping this particular phenomenon. Even though witchcraft has been feared or condemned in almost all the cultures of the world, it does have a dominant presence in every one of them. Be it Africa, Asia, Europe or even India.

mayong black magic stories

And, any person who is a fan of ‘Salem witches’, ‘American horror story’ or even ‘Harry Potter’ for that matter, is bound to become a fan of this Indian village.

Behold “Mayong” the land of ‘necromancy’, where within the layers of scenic beauty lies a plethora of secrets of magic and myth. It is a small village tucked away from the hustle-bustle of city life in Assam.

black magic

The serene beauty and the soothing temperature is sure to rejuvenate your sense. But that’s not what it is famous for. The sheer silence and the mysterious aura that this village of black-magic possess will make you bite off your nails in anxiety.

And why not?

The name itself is a mystery

black magic

The name of the village is derived from the Sanskrit word Maya, which means ‘illusion’. Going by the legends, Sorcery and black magic were traditionally practiced and passed down over generations in this town. Many ancient relics of Ayurveda and black magic are now preserved here.

The history is creepy too

black magic

Thousands of famous and creepy stories are related to this village. Stories like humans disappearing into thin air, humans sacrificed (narbali), men being turned into animals, wild beasts being tamed magically, etc.

Though there’s no clear evidence to all of this, the locals and elderly people here stand truly by the claim that they themselves have seen such things happen in Mayong and therefore, regard these stories to be true.

One such story is about an invader Muhammad Shah and his army. In the 1330s, a Mughal emperor named Muhammad Shah sent 100,000 horsemen and declared a war on Myong. The folklore states that they disappeared near Mayong due to black magic and witchcraft. Not a single trace was left behind, none of the horses. No soldiers, absolutely nothing. Well, its just a glimpse of what this village beholds.

Human sacrifices in Mayong

black magic

Back in the days, the people of this village believed that in order to worship the Shakti or to make her happy, they need to sacrifice a living being. And no, they didn’t mean a goat or a chicken. The practice of Narabali or human sacrifices were carried until the early modern period.

Moving back to magic..

Folklore suggests that in the historical times, a sorcerer by the name of Chura Bez used to live in Assam. He was known to be able to disappear into thin air just by muttering the ‘Luki Mantra’. How cool of a power is that? I mean anyone could go head over heels to have something like this, right?

As you know, that requires a lot of dedication and practice. But don’t lose hopes yet, Mayong forest is still home for saints who want siddhi in black magic and witchcraft. (So if you wanna be one, the Mayong forest awaits.)

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Rituals, black-magic…You name it!

black magic

What do you think your reaction will be if you see a witch doctor performing some rituals? Don’t be scared though, the locals of Mayong are not dangerous. If you are curious enough to visit this place, you might run into a bez or ojaaThey are essentially witches and wizards, who offer palm reading to visitors and claim to be able to predict the future with the help of broken glass and seashells.

There are a lot of black magic stories of Mayong

In this village, the witch doctors also serve as a lost and found ritual to help people. For example, if someone loses something, the witch doctor will place a flower in a metal bowl. The bowl will then move along the ground, completely on its own, until it reaches the location of the lost or stolen items.

Now that is something worth watching. Don’t you think?

mayong black magic stories

Apart from this, local healers also treat pain by placing a copper dish on the source of the injury and wait for the dish to “eat away” the pain. It is seen that if the pain is too severe, the dish overheats and shatters onto the ground.

Also, in another of the magic tricks, an illness can be cured from a distance. This means the sick person does not need to visit the place. This is performed only by cutting a handful of plants while chanting some secret words, and voila the illness is cured. (Are you serious?)

You might dismiss magic as superstition. But when you see things for yourself, you will believe. Nowadays, when people fall ill, they generally prefer to go to the doctor but there are people who go to these witch doctors with their troubles and miseries.

Creepy Stories related to Mayong

1. The tale of Munsi Ram

The story goes that a wealthy family decided to buy land in Myong. Once the family settled in their new house, a black magic practitioner named Munsi Ram, approached the family. Apparently, he was angry about the fact that they purchased the land. The family brushed off the incident because they had already settled down and were in no mood to relocate. But, the family wasn’t aware that Munsi Ram practiced black magic.

One night, the family woke up and found three stones were thrown inside their house. Thinking that someone might have played a prank, he picked up the stone and tossed it away. Everything was normal for a few days, but suddenly after forty days, the father and the son of the family died under mysterious circumstances. No one knew how it happened and still, people have no explanation for it.

2. Personal experience shared online: Choked on a fish bone, cured by Witchdoctor!

This story is shared by a girl, who visited this mysterious land of magic and returned with an equally magical experience. And no, she didn’t see a flying witch nor did she see someone being turned into an animal. But what she experienced, was far more real than witnessing any magical trick.

Whenever it comes to a haunted or mysterious place which has ancient stories attached to it, anyone who visits that place is already under the influence of an unexplainable, yet skeptical feeling. With the same vibe, Amrita traveled to Guwahati, where she met a local and started soaking all the stories and folklore related to the witchcraft oriented Mayong.

Soon, she was mesmerized by the kind of stories told by locals but being a modern and educated person, there was quite a smirk on her face while she heard things like, ‘People vanish into thin air, Witches turn humans into animals’. All the while, she had no idea that she too is going to have an experience that even she can’t find an explanation to.

After spending the entire day roaming around and hearing all kinds of stories, she settled down for dinner in one of the small dhabha with her friend who had accompanied her in the trip. While eating she somehow choked on a fish bone and everyone around panicked out. She tried to breathe heavily and get back to normal state but things went from far to worse and she started blacking out.

Immediately, she was taken to a small hut which was nearby, She had no idea what was going on, where was she being taken, but for once, she trusted the locals. An old petite woman draped in a sheet emerged from the hut, held her hand and mumbled a chant. Within seconds, she turned normal, as if nothing happened.

She was baffled with all this. A moment ago, she was fighting for a breath and suddenly everything went back to normal. She still has no clue what happened that day, but later she did come to know that the old lady, in fact, was a witch doctor.

Now, you may say that she choked and eventually became normal because that’s how it is. It goes away after some time, but that still doesn’t explain why she started feeling absolutely normal, the moment that old lady held her hand and mumbled something.

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What’s the hype about?

black magic

Due to its mysterious and creepy past that involves a lot of black magic, Mayong is turning into a crazy tourist spot. If you’re a curious soul who is an adventure lover or even if you fall into the category of a history buff, this place is for you.

And if you are like me, completely fascinated by black magic, Mayong can be the ‘ultimate place’ to check out. The village still proudly holds several artifacts and archaeological relics, along with some books on ancient Ayurveda and black magic.

You can find all of that in the Mayong Central Museum and Emporium. And you can even interact with the local people, learn some stories or discover a few magic tricks.

Every year, a handful of Indians pack their bags and set out to Mayong either to practice dark magic and learn the secrets of witchcraft. What are you waiting for? 

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