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Australian Maggi Ad Shows That Maggi Is Pronounced As ‘Madgey’ & Now Indians Want Clarification From Nestle

Maggi is what most of us get hight on. Maggi is that childhood friend that comes to our rescue when we crave a feast at 12 AM or dinner at the end of the month. Now that Maggi does so much for us, how can we even hear something bad coming its way?

But what if you come to know that what you have been calling Maggi all your life is not exactly what Maggi is called? Well, happens to be that there is another way to pronounce Maggi and we can vouch for the fact that you are super-confused just like we are.

In an ad for Master Chef Australia, the video of the ad shows that the voiceover pronounces Maggi as Madge-y/Maejji. And this has got the netizens confused. Here is the ad you would want to look at to believe

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As expected, people got social about the issue and took on the internet feeling cheated. While some people showed their disapproval about the pronunciation, others called in Nestle to clarify what the actual pronunciation is.

Howevere, Australians on the internet claim that they have been calling Maggi ‘Madge-y’ all their lives, which they feel is the correct pronunciation. Well well Nestle, you better interfere.

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Feeling cheated? Well, same. Hope we will get a clarification soon.

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