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Netizens Praise Ratan For His ‘Wisdom’ After He Pens A Heartfelt Message That You Must Read

Ratan Tata is once again back in the news and undoubtedly, again for a good reason. Also, this time, he has got some words to spare to people out there.

Veteran industrialist Ratan Tata on Sunday made a heartfelt post calling to stop online hatred and bullying and instead of supporting each other in what has been a “year full of challenges” for everyone.

The post comes in times when the world has been donned with uncertainty. And people are taking on social media to narrate their anger on multiple issues. Be it protests against the killing of George Floyd or Indians calling out nepotism existing in Bollyoowd or them tearing into China on social media. We have seen a lot.

So, urging people to be more sensitive towards each other, he reiterated the need for “more of kindness and more of understanding and patience than what one sees today.”

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Ever since the post was shared, it has garnered a tremendous response from the netizens who lauded Ratan Tata for his wisdom. People took on Twitter to share a word or two about Tata and you must have a look:

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A true gem by his work and words.

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