17 Actual Superpowers You Can Attain By Just Doing Meditation

Are superpowers for real? Can you actually acquire superpowers with the help of meditation?

Since ages, the monks have been the subject of mystical interest for scientists, magicians and people alike. They stand as a proof of practical superpowers that they themselves attained through years of practice. So, in all truthfulness, if you have a laid-back attitude and you can’t even take the pain of rising early in the morning, this isn’t going to work for you. However, if you want them superpowers so bad, you will yourself be astonished by the results meditation will bring you with constant practice.

Even the scientists agree that humans use hardly 10 percent of their brain in the entire lifetime. What if you are able to use 20 or 40 or a 100 percent?

But, how to achieve this much needed “favor” of the universe will be your next question. And the answer to that is, ‘You mediate’. Just like you cannot advance in a level of a game without starting from the basics; similarly, you cannot unlock a superpower in a matter of days or months.

To give a better picture of what you are in for, let’s go through the list of superpowers that are offered.

1. Witness past events

Ever wondered about your past life? Everybody does. If you believe in reincarnation and the afterlife, imagine seeing yourself in another lifetime. The power of meditation proves to be the key to decipher the complex strings attached to your previous life. And with patience and concentration, you can even witness the past life events as clearly as watching a movie. I know you think its bullshit but try it yourself and watch your opinion turn into a belief.

2. Heal yourself

It looks uber cool when ‘Wolverine’ heals back instantly in the movies, doesn’t it? What if you can do that to your body. Don’t roll your eyes? Believe me, you can. The power of the universe is much more potent than you estimate it to be. Even chronic diseases and illness can be easily cured with meditation.

3. Heal others

You must have heard about ‘Reiki Healing’. But have you ever wondered how someone’s touch or vibrations end up healing the other person? Well, that’s the secret that lies in the soul and mind which you can unravel for yourself.

4. Read Minds

Yes, you can even read what’s going on in the mind of the person next to you. And with time you can even read the minds of strangers and people who are around you. It will be as clear as listening to a speaker attached to the conscience of people, speaking their thoughts out loud. Feels like Mel Gibson of What Women Want, eh?

5. Telepathy

Imagine not needing a smartphone to pass on a message or talk to someone? All you need to do is close your eyes like Professor X and contact the person telepathically. And this power can be yours too. Sounds super-duper cool right?

6. Power to have visions

When you advance to the higher stages of meditation, you will be able to have visions. Visions from other dimensions and space too. You might end up having a clear vision of space, galaxies, and what not. Sky will be your limit.

7. Predict future

With the power of chakras within your body, you can even master the technique of predicting the future. You will have the ability to travel through the dimensions of linear time and come across events that have not even taken place yet.

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8. Ability to travel in timeless dimensions

Isn’t is exciting to even think that you can teleport from one dimension to other within a fraction of seconds? It is possible to become a real-life Dr. Strange through the power of yoga and meditation. Too farfetched? It won’t be with the unlocking of deepest of meditational powers.

9. Levitation

You can even achieve the power to levitate and swagger off down to the ground after a few minutes of this mystical display. What do you need? Sheer will and dedication to the vast knowledge of meditation. You never know what else could be waiting to get unraveled by you. Could be much more than just levitating.

10. Walking on water

Ok, now that’s only possible in movies, I can hear your thought loud and clear. But hey, when monks have showcased their skills by walking on water, why can’t you. It all begins with practice.

11. Flying

You heard it right. The conspiracy theories of flying man have been in circulation since ages. And this power can be achieved through the advanced stages of mediation. No kidding!

12. Control pain

Just like the famous ‘Ice-man’ who can control his core body temperature and swim in freezing waters, you can gain the ability to put a stop to the feeling of pain. The monks have been doing it for decades. And they too are humans. Right? So are you.

13. Control hunger

Just like they said in the movie, Kungfu Panda that you can survive with a single drop of dew and the energy of the universe, you can put a stop to your hunger. You can actually survive on the power that flows through the universe. Monks have been doing it for thousands of years.

14. Control thirst

You can attain the power to even control your thirst and go for days without having a drop. And yes, it won’t affect your health too. You will be as perfect as a normal human.

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15. Become invincible

Imagine a force of 1000 men standing against you and all you need to do is probably raise your hands to scatter them like dust. That’s what happens once you master the art of meditation. Yes Yes, you could be the next Superman or Supergirl.

16. Fulfill any wish

When you reach the highest level of meditation, you will find the universe aligning the possibilities and make things happen at your will. Do you wish for a pizza now? Go buy at the store till you master the art.

17. Astral Projection

You can even astral project. For those who don’t know, what that means, it is where you separate your soul from your physical body. You can easily travel thousands of miles in this form and see things no one has ever witnessed.

In conclusion

Just Know that you can open the doors to these superpowers and magical abilities only when you merge yourselves with the art of meditation. It requires a lot of effort and dedication along with years of practice. But hey, even if you begin from the scratch, who knows where you end up after a few years.

It is possible that you end up unlocking one or all the superpowers mentioned in the list. Who knows? And frankly, even if you end up mastering one, it will make a huge difference in your life. Won’t it?

I already feel like Lucy just talking about superpowers, do you?
Which superpower would you choose, if given an option? Let us know in the comments.

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