This Chimpanzee Feeding Fishes In The Pond Is Everything I Want To Do Right Now - Viral Bake

This Chimpanzee Feeding Fishes In The Pond Is Everything I Want To Do Right Now

With COVID-19 being a thing and most people at their homes, all of us seek something fun to do and animals are no exception. However, while humans can watch Netflix or scroll Insta to pass some time, animals are not so lucky to enjoy these luxuries.

However, interestingly they do have got better things to do and this video is an example.

Recently, IFS officer Susanta Nanda shared a short video of a chimpanzee feeding a pool of fish. It shows the primate sitting on a platform above a water body that looks like a pond. And he has some fish food besides him that he feeds to them and enjoys watching.

“Chimpanzees are 98% humans,” Nanda wrote along adding that feeding fish is “one of the finest stress busters.”

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People are surely in love with the video and shared their thoughts about the same.

For the unaware, Chimpanzees are more like humans in their behaviours as they share 99% of our DNA. A chimps body is very similar to a chimpanzee and so is their life. Like humans, they also send the first five years of life playing and socializing with others.

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Also, their sense of sight, smell, hearing and touch are very similar to our own. And they also indulge in gestures like kissing, hugging, patting each other on the back and holding hands to communicate.

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