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This Woman Is The Voice Behind The Mandatory Corona Warning You Hear Before Every Call

No matter how irritating it’s, since the past 3 months, we all have heard the mandatory COVID-19 warning before we dial any number. The voice gives us precautions and warnings on how we can save ourselves from coronavirus and help the needy.

But have you ever wondered who the person is saying all that to you? Well, we know no one even thinks of it until someone pinpoints the same.

So NDTV did. The voice-over-artist behind the mandatory warning is Jasleen Bhalla. Talking to NDTV in a recent interview, Jasleen revealed more about herself and how she landed up becoming the famous voice.

Source – Sanbad Pratidin

She, in the interview, pokes fun at the fact that how the PSA has become irritating for the people. She recalls that she has been told that it’s irritating first by her family than by her friends and now people, through memes on the internet.

She adds that she was also not aware of the fact that it would be played before every call for this long. She says when the health ministry approached her, she thought they would play the same for 10 days or so. And now, she has to listen to her voice over and over again, which could get quite eerie at times.

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” You’re trying to make a call, and you know it’s your voice. And you know it’s going to go on for 30 seconds. And it’s my own voice going on, telling me, ‘wash your hands, wear a mask and sanitizer,” she says.

Source – The Economic Times

Talking to The Live Nagpur team, Jasleen revealed that she has worked as a sports journalist in the past. However, for the last 10 years, she has been engaged with work as a voice-over artist.

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She has lent her voice to companies and brands including Airtel, Delhi Metro and Indian Railways.

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